Yes. Naturally. Devil; Every new blogger has to blog before they become an expert. You have to blog before you are an expert. Nobody starts blogging as an expert because every new blogger needs to blog enough to gain the skills, notoriety, and credibility to become an authority.

How can you be an expert? You are new to blogging.

This is how blogging works:

  • Start as an inexperienced newbie
  • practice for a long time that is many hundreds to 1000 hours
  • Earn the right to be an expert by paying your dues over those 1000 hours

I would say; You MUST blog if you are not an expert like millions of other bloggers who start blogging with no skills, no experience, no expert status. This is like saying: can you go to medical school if you are not a doctor? Of course, you must acquire medical skills before you can become a doctor. People go to medical school specifically to become doctors. Bloggers blog to become experts. One step leads to the next step. Bloggers need to blog, acquire skills, gain experience, notoriety, and credibility before becoming an expert. There is no other way.

But the stupid little ego and ridiculous mind games are trying to get you to stop by making excuses and trying to figure it out. One such excuse is a search term I found on Google: "blog if you're not an expert".

This is practically 100% because you and I are starting to blog as new bloggers in the niche. New bloggers in the niche are light years away from becoming experts. An integral part of the novice. A simple concept, of course, but for strange reasons bloggers sometimes think without clarity.

The conclusion leads bloggers to believe that blogging without expert status is a crutch, disadvantage, or heavy anchor holding you back. No Almost every single blogger blogs for quite a while without expert status as you need to blog thousands of hours to get competent, seen, and credible enough to become expert. First, blog long, long before you become an expert. Then, after long blogging, become an expert. So yes of course you can blog if you are not an expert.

But we run into another mental block. Do people trust non-experts? Do people follow non-experts?

What about people who listen? If you are a new, inexperienced blogger, will people listen to you? Yes, when you practice writing, people will listen to gain confidence and skills. No, people won't listen unless you practice to gain confidence and skills. All on you. People will follow blogs run by new bloggers as newbies practice coping their cocks, even if those newbies are not established experts. Confident bloggers who share their thoughts clearly and distinctly get blog followers.

Starting work develops enough skills and confidence for people to follow you. But if you don't invest in the work, you won't develop skills and low confidence. People don't follow an unskilled, overconfident blogger.

But of course, the real achievement of becoming a pro requires years of blogging effort, trust in the process, and yes, expert status as a blogger. Invest in a good blogging course. Follow professionals. Gain trust. Practice your writing. Take the time to build your following before attaining expert status. Take the years to become an expert. Go pro by paying your fees.

We kind of know that with the offline world; Everyone starts in a niche as a beginner and then moves on to expert status by working and practicing to improve and then own their skills. But in the online world, logic often leaves the stage. People think deceptively, somewhat illogically. Bloggers believe that only experts blog if, like any skill in life, you FIRST practice as a green newbie without an expert and then gain expert status over many thousands of hours.

Start blogging as an inexperienced, green newbie. Gain experience by working. Work long hours to become an expert.

You have to blog for a long time before you can achieve expert status. You have to blog before you become an expert. Do not worry; People follow beginners who are serious about improving their craft. I enjoy reading new blogs when the new blogger breaks their tail to generously create and connect. The expert status is less important to me. I just follow dedicated bloggers who write with conviction.

But you have to become an expert before you can become a professional. Again, don't worry; Gaining authority is organic when you invest thousands of blogging hours. People perceive generous, hardworking bloggers as experts because, with time and energy, you will become an authority in your blogging niche.


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