I posted a video blog post and this guest post in about 17 minutes. Certainly I had to develop my blogging skills to reach this point. You have to write clearly, securely, and skillfully through thousands of practice hours to publish content in short time frames. But I also didn't have to hesitate to refuse to sit on the sidelines of blogging to get into this kind of thinking.

I've always delayed. Eons ago. Blogging scared me. Devil; Someone convinced me to write a guest post on blogging tips. Did you think I swallowed the opportunity right away? Under no circumstance. I was late. I was afraid to fail. I was afraid that professional bloggers would criticize me for being well known. But someone led me off the edge. 1100 guest posts later, I thank the guy 🙂

Don't delay. Don't wait on the brink of blogging. Valuable experience meets full-time bloggers who immerse themselves in blogging from a clear, courageous and confident energy. Damn yeah, I was scared during this immersion journey. I am a human. I'm even now watching a couple of fears; Do I have enough time to publish this post? I have to vacate the premises for another house. I also planned a ride on Sunday afternoon. But I feel the fears, put my writing in full swing and am sure that I will publish the guest post before anyone arrives to view the house.

I'm not hesitating on blogging. I immerse myself every day, blog, do liberating, sometimes scary. Only experience counts. Remember; For a few moments, think about how blogging experience is the only way to really learn how to blog properly. I can sell you an eBook that drives you in a successful blogging direction. However, you need to read the eBook and put my knowledge into practice – through practical blogging and mindset tips – to gain important experience.

Before buying, you need to blog for a test drive. Or you have to devote 100% to blogging by practicing what professionals preach. Immerse yourself. Blog. Do what feels liberating but uncomfortable. Help people generously. Take your time to enjoy the blogging trip too. No blogger manages to experience a senseless, crazy shot that is driven by fear, despair, and greed. But dive in and go on.

Do not hold back. Do not be shy. Don't wait shyly on the sidelines. People like me run sprints for hesitant bloggers, because while you are waiting on the sidelines, I have just published 15 more helpful guest posts during the 4-day route that lines, punches, and delays. Delaying will end your blogging campaign. How can you be successful when hardly anyone knows who you are? How can people know about you, your blog and how can you help them if you hardly publish any content? Cut through your fears. Generously blog. Be brave. Be confident. Extend unpleasant moments. Immerse yourself.

Surround yourself with skilled bloggers who immerse themselves in blogging every day.

Skilled bloggers give you confidence, clarity, and the inner knowledge that even if you are afraid, you have to go forward to be successful. I don't love every moment of my pro blogging trip. Sometimes I want to put my feet up to relax more. But I know helping you frees me and frees you. I am writing and posting this guest post on a Sunday afternoon instead of driving around and then watching Amazon Prime for 5 hours. OK; Maybe I watch Amazon Prime at 5 5 for 1 hour

Immerse yourself. Blog. Stop waiting on the sidelines. Why do you let your fears hold you back? Mondo fun and freedom awaits aspiring bloggers with a vision, clarity and self-confidence.

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