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It's super rare that I come on a Saturday evening and write something here. But I turned the computer up after the Shabbat ended and I see the SEO community today in large part buzzing over some significant changes to Google search results. This isn't as big as last Monday's error (the indexing system error), but it does seem very big.

We have the SEO forums as well as the social media and even many of the trusted ranking tracking tools, all of which are showing great signs of an update.

The first signs seemed to be early this morning, but if you count the local changes, it appeared to have started on Friday morning. Yes, I am seeing changes in the Google web search ranking as well as changes in the local search ranking. Let me be clear, this doesn't seem like anything we saw on Google last Monday afternoon. The search results don't seem wrong or bad, I don't think so – at least not as obviously as the Monday edition. But there is a lot of talk and the tools are "lit" (as the cool kids would say).

Let's start with the SEO Chatter, which has a ton of chatters on the ongoing WebmasterWorld forums as well as the Black Hat World forums. Here's some of it:

Has the world forgotten to return from your Samwest fishing trip?

Total dead this Saturday morning.

Not sure what's going on … I don't know if it's too early to scream with happiness, but as far as I can see this morning, a new Google SERP update is in place. My positions are exactly where they were 3 months ago. In other words, the positions were restored to almost 100% in the moment before the May update. And that's fantastic news for me. I made some changes to the website that I suspected might have caused a loss of position and I don't know if it affected them, but it doesn't matter at all as my project was where it always was was.

This Saturday morning, August 15, 2020, is very beautiful. happy! happy! happy!

No core updates are performed on Saturdays and Sundays. Another breakdown? It wouldn't surprise me. SERP monitors are burning, showing the highest volatility I've seen in a long time. I think we'll have to wait for the dust to settle to see if it's a glitch or some other algo update. I think it's already happening … massive drop in my organic traffic and Adsense in my ranking. Many of my KWs jumped up very, very nicely! Another "mistake"? UPDATE: I am still climbing and have reached positions I was in after the * GLITCH *.

Seems like Google has finally done us justice and we're where we should be

I am seeing positive movement in my keywords today. Today 100% We have Googgle UpdateTADA! My ranking has dropped again: / Not bad so far. It's still fine.

So far so good for me Some improvements.

I guest it is the "glitch" fixed.

Here are some tweets asking me about it today:

In any case, we are currently seeing moderately large changes and fluctuations in the SERPS, according to the chatter that occurs during the day. Maybe just a mild version of what happened to the August 10th bug. Cc: @rustybrick

– Vlad Rappoport (@vladrpt) August 15, 2020

@rustybrick Google Core Algo Rollout? When we see a lot of websites recover to the exact state we are working on. Huge movements upwards. #Googleupdate

– jasonpatterson (@ jasonpatterson7) August 15, 2020

I can sense that another big Google update is taking place right now. Someone? #SEO #searchengineoptimization #Google

– Jackie Owen (@techjackie) August 15, 2020

@googlewmc @rustybrick @JohnMu @seroundtable WHY AGAIN WHY ??? We're seeing another massive Google update. Please confirm. Trust me Google, you are acting weird now #googleupdate #seo

– Prateek Bansal (@ prateekb3) August 15, 2020

Here are screenshots of the tracking tools.

SEMrush – that's crazy high for SEMRush:

Click for full size

RankRanger – I don't know if I've ever seen RankRanger this high?

Click for full size

Accuranker – also super high:

Click for full size

Mozcast – is also pretty high:

Click for full size

The other tools seem pretty stable right now, but who knows what they'll show tomorrow?

Here are the local tracking tools:


Click for full size

Here's a thread about it from the local search forums, on which Joy Hawkins wrote, "BrightLocal's Flux tracker got a high score yesterday. I wonder if anyone saw any major changes in search results? This is one I made yesterday have looked. "" Nobody has answered yet.

To conclude:

  • I see an update of an update on August 15th
  • Some of the more trustworthy tools are volatile on Google
  • This is seen in local rankings as well, not just web rankings.
  • It's not like Monday's glitch (the chatter isn't that high and the results don't look that bad)

So – did you notice any major changes on August 15th? Let us know.

Forum discussion in WebmasterWorld forums and also in Black Hat World forums.


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