May 17, 2020


SMW employees


Influencer marketing offers the opportunity to move from a new perspective outside of pure product push and communication from outside your brand voice.

During #SMWONE, TakumiDerek Wiggins and m / SIX& # 39; S Keri Drengler shared a vested interest in establishing brand reach with influential means, and discussed together what companies gain in this new marketing branch and what to look out for. With the right approach, influencer marketing can be used to create, share, map, and reinforce the right message.

Here are the key findings and insights:

  • Influencers can be seen as part of a company's tactical marketing team
  • Micro-influencers offer a tailored approach to audience messaging
  • The use of the platform depends on the use and visibility of the customer

Drengler is the managing director of Digital m / SIX, an agency for media planning and purchasing that specializes in driving the growth of advertising and audiences in today's data and technology media landscape. Wiggins is the US country head for Takumi and a public speaker. He is the leading force to increase sales and develop the Takumi offering to ensure that the company remains the market leading influencer.

"Influencers are an important part of the marketing mix," said Drengler to start the conversation. You meet your audience at their level and wherever they operate. Choosing the creators that fit your brand and help you convey an authentic message is a very different story. Fortunately, she and Wiggins had some advice to share, including how to navigate the balance between creativity and control – this is not at the expense of the influencer's audience.

Choosing the right influencer

To effectively amplify your message, you need to project it from the correct speaker. Where does your audience consume most of their media? If you explore usage of the audience platform, you can find the right influencer type. A large medical retailer may not be well received by the TikTok crowd. Authenticity counts, a brand is wise to get an idea of ​​its positioning and to live this message in all branches, including on social media. Influencers can be a direct line to your ideal customer, and if their position matches equally, a clean partnership is established.

Protect your brand

Allowing your communication through an influencer, essentially now a provider, involves a fair amount of bumps. Once the posts are published and live, there is no way to curb audience reach or response. The idea of ​​brand safety to mitigate non-thematic or harmful conversations should be discussed before the partnership is concluded. Influencers know their audience and have a strong, authentic connection, but are often not professional marketers. Working with a partner like m / SIX reduces the pressure created by handing your digital experts over to Instagram.

"Brands should market when things are good and have to market when things are bad," Keri reports. Unique circumstances require creative solutions, and influencer marketing is just that. Combining your brand with the people you want to serve is a breeze. It's just about finding the right person.

Test and learn

Before brands take a multi-channel approach, get back to basics. What is the ultimate goal? "Your team running the cool new dance challenge may match the brand affinity, but not so much with the goal of increasing sales," Keri reminds us. The fundamental question "How can we reconcile what we do with the needs of our customers?" Will always lead to a strong campaign.

Checking engagement rates for a specific content type goes far beyond planning and fine-tuning the next steps of a brand.

Authentic engagement, regardless of the platform, will win every time. sd Derek reminds us: “Influencer marketing is an opportunity to add a tactical member of your marketing team. One who is attuned to your ideal audience and presents a familiar face in a place he visits regularly.

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