Brian Ussery

Brian Ussery (@beussery) is the Director of SEO at Razorfish in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a Google product expert on the Google Webmaster Help Forums. He's been doing SEO since 2000, we're both very old people in SEO. We were both moderators in the Search Engine Watch Forums at the time. We joked a little bit about the beginnings of SEO and had a bit of fun there.

He said he never sent spam, he only studied Google from an academic perspective. He was always keen to write better content, even in the early days when links were king. He never chose the cheap way to do search engine optimization, he felt it wouldn't last, so he did it the hard way. He has never been punished for a website he has worked on, which is rare for an SEO vet. He works at Razorfish, an old company that was founded in 1995 and still does amazing work.

After Brian kept getting me to leave the script, we talked about GoogleBot. He said GoogleBot was very good at accessing all kinds of content, but there are still a lot of things that can go wrong. Make sure that you take the right technical measures to ensure that GoogleBot can find your content using regular HTML links and proven technical basics. Just create a great website and GoogleBot will eat it up.

Optimizing your website for e-commerce was the next topic we talked about. Make sure that your product descriptions are not from the manufacturers, that you have clear content that your users want, that your images are good, and so on. Think of the users and what they want to see on this product page. He said the reason Amazon ranks so well is because they deliver great content, including content from users and your customers.

It was a fun conversation.

You can follow Brian Ussery on Twitter @beussery.

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