At least if you really want to blog successfully.

Blogging cannot be free because blogging on free platforms ensures that you are the user or the product. Imagine blogging on, a free blogging platform. owns:

  • Your content
  • your picture / portrait
  • everything you do on the blogging platform

Free blogging platforms are actually VERY costly suggestions, as free platform owners own everything you do and can always pull the rug out of you to shut down your website without explanation. Does that sound free to you?

Does that sound like a smart approach to blogging? Does it sound worth blogging for free? Being a part of the product guarantees that you have little to no power because you don't actually own anything. Free platform owners can claim they own the content. But tell that to the thousands and thousands of bloggers with free platforms who wake up and find that their blog is closed offline, never to see again the years of hard work they've done.

Imagine spending 5 years creating helpful content and making meaningful connections. One morning the owners pull your blog out for a reason the free blog provider never reveals. 5 years of hard work, in a split second, for no reason, all because you were worried about spending $ 10 a month on hosting and $ 20 a year on a domain name.

Do yourself a favor; Own your blog. Buy your domain and hosting to own:

  • content
  • similarity
  • Blog
  • brand

Not only can you customize your blog, brand, and blog design the way you want.

Successful bloggers own their blog because owning the blog ensures that you are following the rules. Free platform owners make the rules; Bloggers on free platforms don't obey the rules because if you don't pay the domain and hosting bills, you don't own anything online and have virtually no power. Do you disagree with this statement? Spend a decade online like me. Watch the number of hundreds to even thousands of bloggers:

  • Have your blogger blogs shut down anytime for no reason
  • Shut down your WordPress blogs anytime for no reason
  • Have their Facebook page close at any time for no reason (for people who falsely claim to blog on social media).

Of course, these bloggers went blind; They didn't own anything on free platforms. The people who pay the domain and host bills own the website, and all users on the website are part of the product. You're not foolish enough to believe you own anything on Facebook, are you? Mark Z owns your name, likeness and content on Facebook which makes you part of the product and nothing more. See why I spend so little time and energy on free websites? See why I spend virtually all of my time and energy on the blog I own and guest posts on blogs owned by my friends and really commenting on those blogs?

Avoid this common mistake

Ego fools bloggers that bloggers can try blogging on a free platform to see if it works, then buy your domain and host it if they either enjoy blogging or if blogging proves successful.

If you make this common mistake, you are wasting time because:

  • Blogging on a free platform is not blogging because you are a user on a thin, weak platform, not a blogger. You are part of a free product, not a blogger
  • Blogging on a free platform guarantees a failed blogging company most of the time, or in the rarest of cases, a moderately successful blogging company that is reaching its limits

Imagine that you are the rare odd blogger who clears up enough to build a large, loyal following on a free blogging platform. Bad news; You will hit a ceiling. Eventually, a trust tipping point occurs that makes it impossible to scale and become highly influential because more sophisticated, influential bloggers and readers who take your blog to the next level simply don't trust content on free blogging platforms. If someone is worried about spending $ 10 a month and $ 20 a year on a domain and hosting, why should I trust them, their content, and their commitment to blogging?

As my friend, Pro's professional and leading online business mentor, Alonzo Pichardo, says, blogging on is useful to blog the right way.


Blogging on free platforms is an enormous waste of time. Would you like more tips to avoid wasting your online time?

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