You probably already have a Pinterest account and may even use it for business purposes. However, if you are checked, you can make sure you are making the most of it! If you have a verification card, anyone who comes across your account knows that you are an authentic, trustworthy brand or company.

How do you get verified on Pinterest?

Read on to find out:

  • What is Pinterest verification
  • Why should you get verified on Pinterest?
  • How to get verified on Pinterest

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What is Pinterest review?

The Pinterest check is similar to the check on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Check mark when checking Pinterest homepage

Source: Pinterest

If you're verified on Pinterest, you'll see a red check mark next to your account name, and you can view your full website URL directly in your Pinterest profile (instead of hiding it in the About section of your Pinterest page). In this way, users can quickly learn more about your company and even bring more leads to your website.

Why be verified on Pinterest?

The review not only allows users to see that you are a trusted source of information, but also to find the actual accounts they are looking for. For example, it will be much easier to tell the difference between official sites and fan sites.

Aside from helping users navigate Pinterest, there are many other reasons companies may want to be scanned.

Other business benefits of a verified Pinterest account include:

  • More eyes on your content. Search engines recognize your pins as passing on serious information. This can generate more leads for your company and ultimately increase sales.
  • More engagement for your content. Users know that your brand or company is authentic when they see the red check mark, and are more likely to save and share pins that come from a trusted source. By sharing again, you can increase your brand awareness.
  • Drive more people to your website. Verified Pinterest users can view their website URL in their Pinterest profiles. This makes it easier for users to learn more about your business without having to take the additional step of visiting the "About" section on your Pinterest page.
  • Make sure you don't lose followers if you fake or cheat accounts. There are scam accounts on virtually every platform, and verification is one of the easiest ways to signal users that you are real business.

How to get verified on Pinterest

The review on Pinterest doesn't take long and it's worth the effort. Here's how to get verified on Pinterest in three easy steps.

1. Make sure you have a business account

If you don't have a business account yet, you'll need to complete this step before you can be verified on Pinterest.

As a bonus, setting up a business account is free and gives you access to analytics and other essential tools to help you maintain and grow your professional presence on Pinterest.

Business accounts can also be linked to a personal Pinterest account, and you can switch between the two accounts. You can link a maximum of four company profiles to a personal Pinterest account.

First, make sure you're signed in to your account. Then click on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen.

Click Add Free Business Account.

Pinterest business account set up

Source: Pinterest

Click Get Started.

Get started with Pinterest Business Account

Source: Pinterest

You need to answer some basic questions about your company, including your company name, website URL, country / region, and preferred language. Then click Next.

Pinterest business account profile set up

Source: Pinterest

Next, you'll be asked to describe your brand so Pinterest can customize your recommendations. You can choose from:

  • I'm not sure
  • Blogger
  • Consumer goods, products or services
  • Contractor or service provider (e.g. wedding photographer, interior designer, real estate, etc.)
  • Influencer, public figure or celebrity
  • Local retail store or service (e.g. restaurant, hair and beauty salon, yoga studio, travel agency, etc.)
  • Online retail or marketplace (e.g. Shopify shop, Etsy shop, etc.)
  • Publisher or media
  • Other

The Pinterest review describes your brand

Source: Pinterest

Next, you'll be asked if you're interested in showing ads or not.

Pinterest's active user base grew 26% last year to 335 million and is the third largest social network in the U.S., among other impressive statistics. So there are many reasons why you want to advertise on Pinterest, including:

  • There are more than 2 billion searches on Pinterest every month. Pinterest is used as a social network and search engine – and people are definitely looking for a lot!
  • About 43% of internet users in the United States have Pinterest accounts. These are a lot of potential customers who have not yet got to know your brand.
  • 78% of Pinterest users think branded content is useful, and a 2019 survey Three quarters of users said they were "very interested" in new products.

However, there is no pressure to vote immediately if you need to think about it. You can choose between three options – yes, no or not yet sure – and return to this decision at a different time.

Review of Pinterest business ads

Source: Pinterest

That's it! You can start checking!

After making sure you have a business account, click the drop-down arrow at the top right of the screen, and then click "Settings".

In the navigation on the left, under Edit Profile, select Claim.

Pinterest review takes your website step

Source: Pinterest

Enter your website's URL in the first text box, then click Claim.

Pinterest review claims your website in step 2

Source: Pinterest

Next, you have two options in a pop-up window:

a) Request your website by inserting an HTML tag in the field Section of your website's index.html file

b) Request your website by downloading a file and uploading it to the root directory of your website

To complete the first option (a):

Pinterest Review Use the HTML tag to select the website claim option

Source: Pinterest

At this point the process seems to be getting technical, but it's easier than you might think and most users have minimal problems. This is also the easier option since you don't need to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This is the language with which computers on a TCP / IP network (e.g. the Internet) transfer files from and from each other.

When you're done, open a new tab, navigate to the backend script area of ​​your website, and copy and paste the HTML tag provided by Pinterest. Finding the backend script area and inserting the HTML tag depends on which provider you used to build your website.

For example, if you're using WordPress, open the content management system, click Tools, then Marketing, and then Traffic. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll find a Pinterest field in the Site Verifications Services section where you can easily paste the code.

Pinterest verification WordPress HTML code

Source: WordPress

If you're having trouble figuring out where to insert your HTML tag, Pinterest has created a page with instructions for popular website hosts like Big Cartel, Bluehost, GoDaddy, Squarespace, and more. You can also contact Pinterest directly if you need further help.

To complete the second option (b):

Download Pinterest Verification Claim Option HTML file

Source: Pinterest

This option is usually a little more difficult than the first, but can be done with little effort.

First download your unique HTML file. You can leave it in your download folder or move it to your desktop for easy access. Your file is saved as a variation of pinterest-xxxxx.html, where each x is a random number or letter. Note: You cannot rename this file, otherwise the process will not work.

After saving the file, the next step is to upload the HTML file from your local computer drive via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to your website on your hosting account.

Make sure that you transfer the file to your main domain (not a subfolder). Otherwise, Pinterest cannot find it and check your website.

If you're having trouble uploading your HTML file, Pinterest has created a page with instructions for popular website hosts like Big Cartel, Bluehost, GoDaddy, Squarespace, and others. You can also contact Pinterest directly if you need further help.

You can now submit your request for review by Pinterest. Go back to your Pinterest tab and click Next.

Then click Submit.

Pinterest sends a confirmation request for review

Source: Pinterest

You're done! You should hear from Pinterest within 24 hours.

With little work, you have your little red check mark and all the business benefits associated with it before you notice it. Have fun stuck.

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