When you are logged into your MaxBounty account, your Affiliate Manager contact information is displayed under her name in the upper left corner. Here you can see their:

  • Telephone number and extension
  • Email-address
  • Skype handle

At the bottom right, you can also click a speech bubble above a red icon to open it Tawk.to live chat Application.

Although we recommend using all four of these methods to contact your affiliate manager, the response rate and efficiency can be improved if you know which method to use as needed.

We know that your time is valuable. The faster you get support, the faster you can work on your campaigns.

Below we have described in detail what each contact method offers and how you can determine which method you can use to reach your AM.


You should contact your affiliate manager by phone if you need one urgent answer during MaxBounty hours of operation. This is because this communication method allows you to connect to your AM in no time.

Voice communication can sometimes make it easier to understand explanations.

Best suited for:

  • Urgent tracking problems
  • Technical concerns
  • If you need help with a variety of articles


You should email your affiliate manager if you need one detailed answer on a subject that is not immediately urgent. An email should also be sent if for some reason you cannot reach your AM by phone.

Email is a great option because it ensures that you have an easily accessible written record of your conversation with your partner manager. This is useful if you think you may revisit the support you need from your AM.

Best suited for:

  • Proposed campaigns to promote
  • Problem solving requests
  • General instructions


Communication via Skype should be used for occasional daily requests. It is also a better written form of correspondence than email for urgent matters.

This is the best option if you feel that what you need to discuss requires a return and a fourth conversation rather than a single question and answer.

Best suited for:

  • Quick questions
  • Touch base
  • Follow up on previous requests


We recommend that Tawk.to is used primarily to contact your affiliate manager pending application. However, once you join the network, you can access it from the partner dashboard and use it for all future contact requests.

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