I know tons of bloggers are advising never to follow the advice: build it and they will come.

Wise wisdom follows; Guest post, sincerely comment on blogs, network by promoting other bloggers, and volunteer generously to accelerate your blogging success. All well and good.

However, if you become very clear in a certain way when creating a blog, creating the blog by spending most of your time locally will help your long-term success. How? If you target your blog and every post to a single, clear, targeted reader, you can be successful without spending a lot of time and energy outside of the company. Guest posts and real blog comments play a role in any blogging campaign. However, the clearer you go about targeting, the more time you'll spend in the field promoting your career as a professional blogger.

Why does this approach work?

Target your blog, all posts, and all pages to a specific, targeted reader:

  • Google traffic
  • a loyal tribe
  • targeted customers
  • targeted customers

Most, if not all, of it will flow to you. Google traffic passively flows to your blog. Targeted clients, clients, and loyal tribe members will organically flow into hyper-targeted blogs in the long run. For example, more than 6000 largely targeted posts adorn blogging tips. Contributors created this blog almost entirely by simply posting content in Blogging Tips. Readers arrive organically / passively through:

  • Google
  • 6,000+ targeted blog posts organically shared by loyal blog followers across a range of blogs and / or networks

People stumble upon BT on Google, social media, forums, and blogs as it helps to find helpful content for a particular reader and post it permanently. Creating a targeted blog requires deep thinking, immense clarity, and a highly disciplined approach that consists of targeting all posts towards one reader and doing so generously over many years.

Most bloggers rarely aim. Far fewer generously publish 1,000, 2,000, or 6,000 posts over the years.

By the time you create it and the readers get it, you have to hyper-target all of your posts across thousands of posts over the years. This is not a joke, but it is well worth driving targeted, passive, organic traffic to your blog.

Tips for targeting your blog from a local perspective


  • cover a topic
  • Solve reader problems related to that one topic
  • Add a niche keyword or key phrase to the title
  • SEO optimizes posts to drive Google traffic
  • Post a large number of helpful posts over the years

I highly recommend adding offsite elements like:

to improve your blogging campaign. Build and network offsite to accelerate your blogging success.

However, hyper-targeting your blog across thousands of posts results in a high volume of targeted, organic traffic to your blog that is done entirely on-site.

Build it and they will come.

Building involves years of hyper targeting. Most bloggers panic about hyper-targeting, let alone hyper-targeting for years. Because of this, most bloggers warn that "build and they will come" is bad advice. You never did it yourself so it doesn't seem possible.

Again, I suggest creating and connecting offsite, but I've personally learned how high-quality, targeted traffic can be organically directed to your blog from a local perspective through targeted targeting and generosity.

To avoid common mistakes on site

The errors include:

  • changing blog topics like the wind
  • Be stingy and hold back instead of being generous and helping people freely
  • Niche keywords not included in blog post titles


Most bloggers fear creating the clarity and generosity it takes to create a hyper-targeted blog that promotes organic, passive traffic 24/7.

Build it right and they will come.

Check out the journey to narrow your bloggers' reach.


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