Are you ready to get started with TikTok? You are in the right place.

In this step-by-step guide, you'll find everything you need to know to get started with TikTok and make your first video – from setting up your account to using all of TikTok's editing tools.

Let's start!


  1. Set up your TikTok account
  2. Film and upload your content
  3. Edit your video (in the app!)
  4. Publish your TikTok

Getting started with TikTok Step 1: Set up your TikTok account

Before you can browse the famous For You page or post, you need to create a TikTok account.

First go to the Appstore or Google play and download the TikTok app. Once downloaded, log in to Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter, or create a new username and password with your email.

Create your first tiktok

By default, TikTok assigns all users a unique username, which is a random collection of letters and numbers. It's not super cute so let's change that!

For best practice and maximum cross-platform visibility, set your username to your name or company name, or whatever username you use for your other channels. This will help create a seamless extension of your already established brand.

TikTok username

TIP: Would you like to do something different? Be creative by working with word games, punctuation, and more!

Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the homepage.

It's time to edit your profile! To edit, tap Me in the lower right corner.

Tap on "Edit Profile".

Edit tiktok profile

First, let's change our TikTok profile picture. With TikTok you can choose between a static image or a video.

tiktok profile picture

It is a good idea to align your profile picture, just like your username, with the picture you use on other social channels.

Your profile picture isn't the only important piece of the TikTok profile puzzle.

Next, it's time to write your TikTok bio.

tiktok bio

Your TikTok bio matters – this is one of the first places your audience will check. TikTok allows up to 80 characters so you can share a short and cute bio at the top of your profile.

Add a Tiktok bio

Not sure what to write for your bio? Here are 25 creative Instagram bio examples you will definitely want to copy!

If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll see a "Website" box in your edit settings.

Currently, however, only certain TikTok accounts can use the TikTok link in Bio by default.

The TikTok link in Bio (website box) is one of the few places where you can add a clickable link to the app. This makes it a valuable resource for brands looking to increase traffic and sales.

look at that blog entry Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add a link to your TikTok bio.

TikTok also enables seamless integration of YouTube and Instagram. It's a good idea to enter your Instagram and YouTube accounts so your audience can follow you outside of TikTok.

They will appear in your profile next to the "Follow" button.

Now that your profile is set up, it's time to start following users and engaging with content.

With TikTok, you don't necessarily have to follow accounts to view their content. Most of the content is displayed on your personalized For You page.

When you follow accounts and dig into content, TikTok knows what you're interested in and the TikTok algorithm creates a personalized page for you.

Ready for TikTok? Take part in our free 10-day TikTok challenge Here.

Getting started with TikTok Step 2: Film your TikTok

Now that you've set up your account, you're ready to film and edit your first video.

At first glance, TikTok's video editing tools can seem daunting, but we promise they are easy to use. You will be a TikTok video editing assistant in no time.

Let's get started – we'll break down all of the steps for you below!

Step 1: Tap the "+" button.

Create your first tiktok

As soon as you tap, your camera will open in selfie mode.

Step 2: Select video length and templates

Below the record button you will see a toggle with options for video length, templates and LIVE.

How do you use TikTok?

Tap 15 or 60 seconds depending on the length of your video.

If you tap on "Templates", you can choose to record using one of TikTok's pre-made video templates.

You can also switch to the LIVE tab and go live on TikTok. From here you can select a cover picture and enter a title for your broadcast.

Step 3: Choose Effects

Next to the record button, you can tap Effects to access TikTok's built-in video effects.

What is TikTok?

If you tap, you'll see a range of AR filters and other special effects that can enhance your face or those around you.

Tips for making TikTok viral videos

You don't have to use video effects, but they can be great fun! Certain effects are often trending in the app (e.g. green screen). So scroll through your For You page before deciding on one.

You can add an effect before or after you record a video. However, some effects may not be available until you start recording your video.

Step 4: Choose a sound

TikTok wouldn't be TikTok without its music library. Sounds are all in the app – just take a look at TikTok's Trik page!

At the top of the page, tap Sounds.

Tips for making TikTok viral videos

Here you can browse all of TikTok's sounds. TikTok organizes music into different categories like Trending, Top 40 and Viral.

You can choose a title before you start composing your content, or you can choose it in the final stages of editing.

TIP: Scroll the For You page and use sounds you like in one easy step! Either tap “Add to Favorites” to save for later, or tap “Use This Sound” to use it immediately.

How to create your first Tiktok

Step 5: Film or upload your video

To get started with TikTok, there are two ways to capture or consume your content: in-app movies and uploading your content.

Some developers film and edit their videos on the TikTok app, while others film and edit on a different platform.

TIP: Use TikTok's editing tools to edit and Create Instagram Stories. Find out more here.

Curious what the pros are doing? Watch ours TikTok for brands workshop This is where you can find TikTok marketing tips from the pros that went viral.

In-app filming

For in-app videos, there are a number of features that you can play around with. All functions are on the right side of the screen.

You can rotate the camera in either selfie or scene mode.

Change the speed of your video. Accelerate the film in slow motion or from 0.3x to 3x.

Everything you need to know to record your first tiktok

Turn on TikTok's “Beauty” filter – a built-in AR filter that smooths the skin and gives it a nice glow.

Select the timer option to activate a countdown for automatic recording and film hands-free.

When you have made all the settings, tap Record.

How to be successful on TikTok

If you want to insert different shots into each video or to record it in sections, just hold down the record button for each segment, release, and press again for your next shot.

Upload content to TikTok

To use already recorded video content, upload content seamlessly by tapping the "Upload" button in the lower right corner.

How to upload your first Tiktok

This is a great option for those who want to use video or photos from their device instead of taking in-app recordings. Here you can adjust the length of your clips and select multiple videos.

TIP: Uploading content to TikTok is a great way Reuse your video content.

Getting started with TikTok Step 3: Edit your TikTok

When you've recorded or uploaded your segments, check the box to switch to TikTok's video editor. Here you can add text, customize your video clips, record voiceovers and much more.

Note: Make sure that you have captured all of your footage before starting this editing phase. When you return to TikTok's recording editor, it will erase any changes you've made to your video.

Here's a quick rundown of all of TikTok's video editing tools:

# 1: add text

Adding text is important not only to provide additional context at first glance, but also to make subtitles more inclusive.

To add text to your TikTok, tap the Text button at the bottom of the screen.

Step-by-step guide to creating your first TikTok

Choose from a range of fonts, colors and styles.

To change the duration of the text, simply tap on the text field and press "Set duration".

First tiktok

Use the sliding scale to decide when to show or hide your text in your video.

# 2: Record voice over

Add a custom voiceover to your video by selecting Voiceover.

Tap the record button to record audio for your video. Uncheck the Keep original sound box if you want your voice-over to be the only audio in your TikTok video.

This feature allows you to add custom sound to your content after recording. Voiceovers are great for tutorials and other educational content.

# 3: adjust video clips and volume

Select Speech Effects to apply a unique speech filter to your audio, such as: B. Shake or Electronic.

Tap the volume button to adjust the volume of your added and original sound. This can be helpful if parts of your audio are difficult to hear.

# 4: add sounds, stickers, effects, and filters

At the bottom of the screen, you can add sounds, stickers, effects, and filters to your video.

As with Instagram Stories, TikTok lets you add stickers and GIFs to increase engagement.

This can be a great place to jump on a trend or share more of your brand personality.

When you are satisfied with the finished product, click "Next".

Getting started with TikTok Step 4: Publish your TikTok

Finally, it's time to post and share your first TikTok video.

Once your content is ready, publishing your content is easy!

At the bottom right, tap Next.

Create your first TikTok

You will be redirected to the last page. Similar to adding an Instagram post, you can add a caption here. relevant hashtagsand mark others.

How to write your first Tiktok caption

The ideal caption for TikTok should be short and complementary to the content you are sharing. Keeping the copy short and quick will usually get better results.

See how the Later headline says, "The last tip is our favorite!" This encourages users to look through to the very end – which can be a huge win for the TikTok algorithm.

@ Get Better Instagram Engagement – the last tip is our favorite! 😎 ## socialmediatips ## socialmediamarketing ## SuperlativeSmiles ♬ Stunnin ’(feat. Harm Franklin) – Curtis Waters

Select the video's privacy settings, enable or disable comments, allow duets or reactions, and tap Save to Device to download it to your camera roll.

Step-by-step guide on adding your first Tiktok

Lastly, edit your TikTok miniature video.

Tap Select Cover.

How to make your first Tiktok video

Drag the cover onto the frame you want to use.

Tick ​​tock

ICYMI: You are now ready to add text to your cover photo! Choose from a variety of fonts and styles, then tap Save.

The cover photo will appear on your TikTok profile. Hence, it is important that you choose an image that will stop scrolling. Adding text to your cover photo is a great way to encourage your audience to click into the video.

See how Sawyer Hartman, CEO of Cameras at TikTok, does this on his TikTok feed.

Everything you need to know about uploading your first TikTok

If you're not ready to publish, tap Save To Draft.

When you're ready, click Post. There you have it, you released your first TikTok.

Publish your first TikTok

Once your TikTok is live, you can monitor how it works with TikTok Pro Analytics. To access TikTok's analytics, you'll need to switch to a TikTok Pro account. Switching to a TikTok Pro account is easy. Follow the steps Here.

And that's all you need to know to get started with TikTok. By now you should have a good understanding of how to upload your first TikTok.

If you're looking for even more TikTok tips, head over to our free TikTok workshop below.

In this free, 35-minute course, you'll learn everything you need to know – from creating viral videos to understanding the powerful TikTok algorithm.


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