Dan Toplitt

On a slightly gloomy day, Dan Toplitt was in my neighborhood and stopped by to get into the vlog. Dan and I met before he became SEO. He worked for one of my clients in the online scholarship world. He first experienced SEO while working with our company. Dan is now Head of US Search Engine Optimization at Reprise Digital. Before that he worked at the company I mentioned earlier, and after that he was at Resolution Media and now at Reprise. We talked a little about the personalities in these companies.

He said at Reprise they had this incubator approach to scaling SEO solutions in his agency. That may include his beard, but it probably doesn't. He loves the outdoors and hikes a lot.

He said in the enterprise SEO world in general you don't read every algorithm optimization, it's a much more holistic view of SEO. However, he said Google has given priority to changes in its algorithm tweaks, particularly those related to Google My Business and Google Shopping. So the behavior when shopping on site and how Google reacts to it with changes it makes is interesting. So interesting that it's important to track and analyze all of this using an omni-channel approach. It is important that Google be free when shopping, he said. He also explained how Google is making changes to COVID security and COVID buying decisions at an insane speed. We also talked a little about the SearchOn 2020 announcements, including the feature included in this video and the indexing of passages. We spent a lot of time talking about what passage indexing means to the content.

This is part one, part two is out next week …

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