1. A quick look back: Why Google My Business is essential to success
  2. Why it is important to delete or merge duplicate Google My Business listings
  3. How to merge two Google My Business Listings
  4. How to delete a duplicate Google My Business listing

Let's say you've just moved to the city of Chicago, specifically Lincoln Park, and want to try their famous pizza.

You google (best pizza in lincoln park) and the search results will appear.

You see a lot of companies that represent the best pizza in Chicago. How do you choose

You look at the reviews; A recent study shows that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation.

In addition, consider the convenience factor.

Is the pizzeria nearby?

What is the address? Opening hours?

You ultimately decide to have the pizza delivered and call the phone number provided to order your cake.

In your quest to find the best pizza in town, you've probably looked at what marketers are calling Google My Business Deals.


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You can use Google My Business to promote your business profile and website in Google Search and Google Maps.

With GMB, business owners can connect with customers, post updates on their business profile, and see how customers interact with their business when searching locally.

Here is an example of what this looks like:

Example of an entry in Google My Business

Of course, any tool that is helpful comes with some headache.

Perhaps you've forgotten a team member created a Google My Business account in the past, or you've moved locations and opened a brand new GMB account and forgot to delete the old one.


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There are other ways that GMB duplicate entries can also occur.

Read on to find out how to fix these issues below.

A quick look back: Why Google My Business is essential to success

Google My Business (GMB) helps your company to be found on local searches.

When local customers search for your business – or for a company, product, or service like yours – they want to be there.

And if your company has full offerings on GMB, the chances of gaining trust with customers are twice as good.

Your information is easily accessible

Once your business is listed, consumers can see how and where to visit your business (through the website or a physical address), the hours of operation, and contact information.

Keeping this information up to date is important as you don't want customers to guess at business details.

You can manage and edit GMB on the search results pages during operation.

If you are logged into your Google account on your desktop or mobile phone, search for your company and you can manage your entry as if you were in the GMB interface.

That way, if you need to temporarily close the store to keep consumers informed, you can get the deal up and running right away.

If you can reopen, you can log into GMB and let consumers know that you are fully reopened.

Why it is important to delete or merge duplicate Google My Business listings

Duplicate entries can be problematic.

If you have a duplicate GMB listing, Google may be able to rate a listing that is incomplete and has no ratings and filter out the listing that has a lot of ratings and has all of your business information.

Obviously, this has a huge impact on your local search engine optimization, and losing reviews on the list can negatively affect the number of potential customers.

It's also important to note that a company can have multiple listings on Google, but duplicate listings are against Google's guidelines.

Therefore, it is imperative to resolve duplicate entries for your company.


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Consider the following:

  • When multiple business listings are displayed on Google, the information provided can be confusing or inconsistent for the consumer.
  • As mentioned earlier, Google may show you an inaccurate or out of date list with blank information and fewer reviews. This can redirect customers to another location.
  • Speaking of reviews, you may have a listing with a lot more reviews than another. Would you go to a 5 star restaurant with a rating over 200? I believe all other factors are the same and many would choose the latter.
  • Duplicate listings in Google My Business could potentially lead to Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yahoo, etc., where you have no control over those websites.

So let's talk about merging or deleting duplicate Google My Business listings to avoid this headache.

First off, how to merge duplicate Google My Business listings into one.

How to merge two Google My Business Listings

Step 1: When both duplicate Google My Business entries have been verified; No need to check the list you want to merge. Google My Business cannot merge two verified records.

step 2: Make sure the address of the duplicate entry exactly matches your company's address.

  • If the addresses match: Contact Google to request that the two entries be merged. You can do this through the Google My Business contact form.
  • If the addresses do not match: Use the "Suggest an edit" function in Google to indicate that the incorrect location does not exist (screenshot A below). From there you can edit the name, location, hours, etc. (screenshot B below).


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Screenshot A:

How to remove a duplicate Google My Business listing

Screenshot B:

Propose to edit a GMB list

How to delete a duplicate Google My Business listing

If you don't want to merge the duplicate accounts, you can also delete the duplicate account. The steps to delete a duplicate account are given below:

Step 1: Google recommends …

"Before removing a duplicate: Make sure that you are not removing the already verified location. Otherwise, you will have to double-check it. And update the location that you want to keep with any important information from the location that you want to remove Once a location has been removed, it cannot be restored. "


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Step 1: Before removing the duplicate account, make sure you don't remove the already verified location. Otherwise you will have to check it again.

step 2: Update the location you want to keep with relevant information from the location you want to remove. Once a location has been removed, it cannot be restored.

step 3: Sign in to Google My Business.

Step 4: Go to the Info tab.

Step 5: Click on "Remove Entries". Google My entry will be deleted.

Google My Business is an important tool in promoting your business.

Make sure all of your information in GMB is up to date so that you can make the most of your local search presence.

In addition, you have a good reputation with customers if you share trustworthy, helpful search information with them.

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