Now you can collect, edit, and schedule high-quality photos in minutes to create an eye-catching feed.

And the good news? It's 100% free for all future users. Simply log in to the desktop app to find branded photos for your business.

How to create an on-brand feed with photos

Stock photos are a great way to add variety to your social content. We are not talking about snapshots of high-fives from companies – we mean rich, eye-catching graphics that are characterized by social networks.

Making stock photography part of your content strategy also saves you a lot of time. It's perfect if you don't have the equipment (or budget) to take high quality photos for every post.

Check out how customer later, @ DrinkswithHebeuses the Unsplash Photo Library to create a brand feed for their customers. @ TheMixingClass::

Unsplash product launch

“With Later, I can collect images in one place instead of opening multiple tabs, downloading images, and then uploading them again. In this way, I can easily supplement my customers' content feed with high-quality branded content. "

– – Hebe Richardson, Social Media Management, Drinks with lifting.

You can also use stock photos for posts where the text needs to speak – think of detailed captions, customer references, promotions, or share a favorite quote.

Plus if you're on one Plan paid later, you can Add text to an archive image to create shared quote posts without leaving them later!

With our Unsplash integration, we make it easy to find killer content and build strong aesthetics using photos.

We'll help you give the original photographer the right credit, so you won't have to worry as much before making an appointment and posting!

Use later? log in and start browsing content now. Or register today to start planning, planning and posting on Instagram!

How to add unsplash content to your library

Are you ready to add inventory to your feed? Finding and finding great images to add to your future media library takes just a few minutes.

Don't forget: Unsplash photos are available to all future users with free and paid tariffs. So all you have to do is log in to get started.

How to find and plan Unsplash images in your Instagram profile:

Step 1: In the later web app, select "Collect media" and then "Photos".

Here you will find the Unsplash photo library.

Social media stock photos

Step 2: Look for a stock image by keyword

Search keywords that are relevant to your brand. For example, if you are a travel company, you may want to search by location like "Bali" or by topic like "Beaches".

You can also browse the latest images added to the Unsplash library, where thousands of professional photographers and developers share their images.

Step 3 Import a photo you want to add to your media library

Once you've found the image you want to use, you can click on it to view additional details, including likes, downloads, and the camera model.

Just click "Add to Media Library" here and you will find it there the next time you tap on your saved images.

TIP: If you want to add multiple pictures at the same time, just select all the pictures you want. Later they will be added to your media library in bulk!

Step 4: Visit the media library to see your photos

Photos are imported into your media library with full mapping details so you can easily credit the original creator to your post.

If you only want to display your images, you can only use the filter to search for unsplash. We have automatically added this tag for you to make your photos easier to find.

Step 5: schedule and publish automatically on Instagram

Select a photo from your media library, drag and drop it into your time window, and preview how it will appear in your Instagram feed Visual planner.

Simply add your caption and hashtags, and you can schedule them directly for one of your linked social media accounts.

You can schedule your post via notification (later, a pop-up message will be sent to your mobile device asking you to post your post), or automatically publish to your feed with automatic posting.

Whatever you choose best, you can quickly plan and schedule your pictures to fit seamlessly into your Instagram feed!

TIP: You can also plan several social platforms at the same time in the "Later" app.

So fill up your feed with later

Using Later's Unsplash image library is just the beginning. We have tons of other tools and features to help you find in-brand content for your social feeds.

With later, Find user-generated content Instagram is quick and easy. We collect all posts that you have marked and mentioned so that you can easily post them to your feed!

You can also search for hashtag in the later dashboard to find content that is perfect for your followers.

Did you find pictures outside of Instagram that are perfect for your feed? No problem! Use our Add From URL feature to collect media from anywhere on the web, or try adding ours Chrome extension to save photos directly to your media library without opening the app later.

User-generated blog for publishing content

Later, the collection of third-party content will be simplified. So you never have to post pictures in your feed again!

Ready to start? Learn more about our user-generated content functions and log in to Later for instant access!


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