I love to check myself from time to time.

Because I am so busy serving people generously, the arrogance has largely detached from my being. I'm a guy who's a little good at hitting keys with my fingers. Or something similar. I have confidence and clarity in my blogging skills.

But I'm not being deceived enough to be arrogant. Of course, some bloggers don't have to be so emotionally intelligent about exchanging their arrogance for humility. Or people never move higher in blogging circles to be successful.

Some bloggers accuse me of their valued opportunity to post guests. Bloggers promise to send me a detailed, free post. But 99% of these bloggers are strangers. I don't know anything about them. I don't trust them because I don't know them and have no idea if they have blogging skills. I immediately know that they are fighting at a certain level. Why?

When you speak to me, it means that business, traffic and profits don't flow organically to them, as is the case with all great bloggers. I answer politely with my tariffs. Some bloggers reply that they can never give me their estimated free guest post and money. I politely inform them that I don't want their pitch, smile and wish them the best.

As was said in a Star Wars movie, arrogance blinds you. The stupid bloggers above arrogantly believe that a free guest post from unknown bloggers is a very valuable, sought-after commodity that a blogger like me should ask for. But I have a DA 43 blog with 50,000 backlinks. Or I did it months ago. I don't appreciate or want a free guest post from a stranger I don't trust.

I will accept a quality contribution from a blogger for my rate. But being arrogant blinds you to the DA 43 backlinks you get, exposure and potential traffic, and the profits you get from guest posts on my blog. Exchange arrogance for humility. Humble yourself. Be grateful that you can access the sweet benefits that I offer you by posting guest posts on my blog.

Thankfully and humbly pay my prices. Move higher in blogging circles. Modest bloggers keep rising. Arrogant bloggers are picked up by their hubris in lower blogging circles.

Everyone is the same, but hacking blogging jobs result from:

  • Competencies
  • Experience
  • network
  • Exposure
  • credibility

I have observed 4 high-profile, world-famous bloggers who have spoken at a congress for consecutive years. Every blogger had made friends years ago because of their skills, experience, network, awareness and credibility.

Other than one of the bloggers, I haven't had much to do with the others. Nothing personal. Simple response. But I respect how I humbly work my way up in blogging circles to reach their level. I also know that I can be thankful, grateful, and aloof to eventually reach a level that a professional blogger has never reached.

Generous service, detachment, clarity and knowledge of something bigger than me inspire this statement. no arrogance. Arrogance broke away from my being after being humiliated by a number of events in my blogging life. Thank God I released this toxic, combat-triggering energy forever.

Humble yourself. Be a generous servant. Appreciate invitations to guest posts on blogs. Or throw successful bloggers out of a grateful, generous energy. Appreciate friendships, high DA backlinks, profit and traffic potential. Pay gratefully to experience these sweet benefits. Slower. Calm down. Relax. Be thankful. Be grounded. Accelerate your blogging success by dissolving every trace of arrogance in humility.


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