Do you have to go to church every day?

Do you have to go to church every day?

Do you have to go to church every day? If not, how often should you go to church? The very presence of such questions already shows that a person pays great attention to his or her faith, sanity, and well-being. However, let's look for answers that are so carefully sought.

Believers might assume that their call to spiritualism means that they must be in church every day when the doors are open. How can devotees claim a commitment to their faith without being in the Church to demonstrate it?

Father George Rutler wants to make it clear that what has been said above is not an accurate assumption and is far from a fair and just question. Indeed, such an assumption and incorrect answer can limit spiritual growth to the will of others rather than being naturally born from the heart and soul of the seeker. So the real question that should be asked is, what is the use of goodness in imposing verses that have been won through trial and tribulation?

To answer this question, look at how the mind is really cared for and nourished to flourish.

Taking care of the spirit is not a call to the outside hairdresser to give a proper and proper testimony. Such care must be done from within through daily activities of devotion, including prayer; Meditation; Scripture study; and choices in character, behavior, and mindset. Of course, this daily grooming is completed by our weekly presence among our spiritual guides and colleagues for guidance and inspiration for the "look" we create.

The cumulative commitment to continued spiritual self-work and ministry is the nourishment that faith needs to grow and flourish to the highest degree. No one can stand alone on a believer's journey.

Believers can be assured that fidelity is not such a restriction that denies room for rest, fun, and work to feed and clothe our families. There is a time and a place in all things. In order for all things to grow and flourish, there must be a balance.

It is outside of the Church where fidelity is tested, and without these tests it becomes impossible to go out in peace to glorify the Lord with the life and good deeds of each. It is not a duty to sit idly on the pews just thinking about how to live your faith. It is about applying what has been learned in the Church as part of the fire experiments and the unique, personal relationship with the heavens above.

The response to church attendance begins and ends with an understanding of the necessary balance of initiative and seeking spiritual comfort and guidance from the church. How do you get such a balance?

Father George Rutler firmly believes that there is no need to go to church every day. Instead, believers will make the necessary commitment to attend church weekly in order to pray and see to strengthen their faith within their spiritual group, while at the same time working daily on their own spiritual development and fulfillment.

In summary it can be said that all believers are not called daily to be tangibly present in the church. However, it is a daily call to promote one's spirituality both outside and behind the doors of the Church.


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