Blogging is a wonderful medium. You and I can help people online. We also receive money for services rendered.

Unfortunately, bloggers are often tied to making money through active income streams such as coaching, counseling, and freelance work. With increasing profits, the time and responsibility requirements also increase. Bondage follows. Freedom eludes you. Profiting from blogging feels good, but trading 10 hours a day to make money Blogging doesn't feel liberating, does it?

One solution remains: if you are feeling burned out as a trainer, consultant, or freelancer trying to make your daily blogging bread, focus heavily on creating passive streams of income. No one earns passive blogging income until bloggers fully commit to creating passive income channels, opening the streams, and relentlessly promoting the streams through the free offerings from bloggers. Notice how I promote 1 of my 100+ eBooks in virtually any blog or guest post. Above all, I am looking for freedom. I need to. As a professional blogger, can you imagine running a thriving blogging business based on active revenue streams?

One minute, I had to coordinate coaching calls for clients in NYC when I was 12 hours ahead of them in Bangkok. A month later, I have to set appointments based on being in NYC 8 hours before the customers during my trip to Qatar. Forget the logistics of scheduling; Would I really want to stay up in Bangkok at 12 noon to coach someone because a NYC customer can only chat with me during their lunch break? No!

When you have passive income from courses, eBooks, paperbacks, audiobooks, and other products, you can no longer exchange time for money. Making money while you sleep feels good. Taking advantage of your vacation feels great. Thriving on passive income channels feels liberating, but of course bloggers need to work generously to both open up passive income channels and create plenty of free advertising material.

Passive income requires active creation and connection over time before passive income comes to you 24/7. Bloggers work a little on passive income to break free from a more active, income-based model that focuses on coaching, counseling, and freelance work.

Even if you love to coach people, you don't love to trade time for money. Eventually bloggers reached a point where returns began to decline. Coaching is fun and fulfilling. Blogging income is growing slowly but steadily. Everything feels good except for the bad feeling aspect of benefiting from active streams of income. You trade with the freedom to make money online. Does that feel liberating? Are you trading your freedom for dollars? Why did you even start blogging? In most cases, the desire to be free led you to blogging rather than trading time for money like you do on a job.

Imagine taking a month off blogging to visit some remote wilderness? Impossible for trainers and consultants unless you replenish your savings and completely part ways with business for a month. Few bloggers earn this type of coin and find that they are free from blogging for a month without a vacation. However, if your main income is passive income channels, then you can just take a vacation when and for how long after doing blogging work to open up channels and relentlessly promote those channels through your content and generous networking campaign.

Create a passive income model through your blog to save time for money.

Try the cutest perk of being a professional blogger. benefit passively.


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