Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Does Social Media Affect SEO?

With over 400 million active websites on the Internet, marketing managers rely heavily on SEO ranking to recognize their brand. For years, Google has not clarified whether its algorithms are based on social signals as a factor in the overall SEO ranking. The results of a Hootsuite experiment showed that articles shared on social websites had a 22% higher optimization. Although social media signals are not a direct cause of your SEO ranking, there is usually a correlation between higher social rankings and higher Google rankings. With this in mind, there are a few ways your social media platforms can help improve your SEO ranking.

Build a target group

Social media is the easiest place to get a following and an audience. With billions of people engaging on social media platforms, your brand has the potential to reach many people! When you reach more people, you build brand awareness. Greater brand awareness increases website traffic and click-through rates for your posts. Both website traffic and click-through rates have an impact on SEO ranking. By building your brand's audience on social platforms, your overall image and reputation will lead to a higher SEO ranking.

Make your content easy to share

When creating your social media strategy, determine which content can be easily shared. According to Optinmonster, the content should include a heading, keywords, a copy and a call to action if it is to be easily shared. Not only do you add high quality content, you also add content sharing links to each of your posts. By adding social sharing links, followers can easily republish your content.

Focus on aesthetics

The likelihood of someone republishing a blurry or irrelevant photo is highly unlikely. Focus on creating a brand aesthetic that people enjoy! If your images are compelling and relevant, users will want to republish them. Reposted images increase your reach and your reputation.

Seek professional advice

SEO ranking is the result of a confusing algorithm that many brands find difficult to understand. I don't know if anyone fully understands the algorithms that Google uses to determine SEO ranking! The algorithms are constantly changing. Many brands turn to SEO experts for ideas on how to improve their ranking. If you're looking for advice, there is an SEO company in Perth, WA that has an amazing track record of improving SEO. Contact them for a first consultation.


Although it is full of noise, the Internet is one of the crucial components to increase the brand awareness and awareness. Your internet presence can influence or impair your brand image! Any social platform can be used in correlation with your SEO ranking. If you have a strong social media presence and platform, your SEO ranking is likely to be relatively high. If you have little followers or engagement on your social media platforms, your SEO ranking can suffer. Consider curating your social media posts to better engage your followers and improve your search engine optimization.


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