As members of the Moz onboarding team, which provides over 500 customers with monthly instructions on Moz products, we are always on the cutting edge of people's questions when it comes to SEO. We are here to help you identify the relevant Moz Pro features for your business.

We know that as you improve your website and increase traffic (and hopefully conversions), you want to track the rankings for your target keywords. Perhaps you first noticed a drop in traffic on your website. Or you can actively adapt your company to the new challenges resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic. Ultimately, you want to know how your page rankings have been impacted and examine what you can do next.

In this series of Daily SEO Fix videos, the Moz onboarding team guides you through the workflows with the Moz Pro tools. We'll help you go through your rankings analysis to gain some actionable insights, from tracking your performance against your competitors to effective page improvements.

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Segment and sort keyword rankings

A constant in search engine optimization is that the ranking positions change constantly. Some keywords tend to move more than others and can be difficult to identify. Fortunately, Moz Pro has an easy way to focus on those keywords.

In this daily fix, Maddie shows you how you can sort your keywords by ranking profits and losses so that you can get an insight into the relevant improvements.

View leaderboards over time and compared to competitors

They say you can't manage what you don't measure. This also applies to SEO.

By tracking your keywords, you can measure the impact of your SEO efforts and identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to optimize your SEO.

With Moz Pro, you can track your ranking performance over time. You can quickly see exactly which page of your website ranks highest for a particular keyword, as well as other pages that may rank for the same keyword. This way, you can easily identify potential cannibalization of keywords on your website.

In this daily fix, Jo from the learning team shows you exactly how this works.

On-page optimization

There aren't many things that are more confusing than seeing pages for keywords that have absolutely nothing to do with your business. They always signal something to the search engines – whether you intend to or not. Optimizing your on-page SEO ensures that you control this signal.

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual websites for specific keywords in order to achieve a higher rank and to generate more relevant traffic in search engines.

In this daily fix, I'll show you how to use the page optimization tool to improve your on-page SEO.

Be sure to read our post on ranking factors on the page for more tips.

Compare link profiles

Link building is one of the aspects of SEO that cannot be done in isolation. To know how much effort you should put into building a link, you first need to look at your competitive landscape.

You can use Moz Pro's Link Explorer to compare the link profile of up to five websites. A snapshot gives you insight into many important metrics such as domain authority, spam score, external links and follow links, etc. The diagrams make it easy to identify and even click through trends in the type of links your competitors receive to display the individual links. In this video Alicia shows you how.

For more tips on creating links, see our beginner's guide to creating links.

All crawled pages

Technical SEO is at stake and is arguably the most important aspect of your SEO work.

Even if you use the right keywords that create the best optimized pages and all the relevant websites in the world are linked to you, the crawlers cannot index your pages correctly or you do not follow the best technical SEO practices. Pages are not classified as well, how they deserve it. With the Moz Pro site crawl tool, you can ensure that your technical search engine optimization is up to date.

In this daily fix, Emilie shows you some tips to improve your site crawl rankings.


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