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In this post, I'm going to talk about the new ad type for LinkedIn, Conversation Ads. I'll also give a quick update on some of the early test results I've seen testing this new ad type. Exciting stuff to be sure.

Conversation Ads: What Are They?

According to LinkedIn, you can use Conversation Ads through LinkedIn messaging to start conversations with professionals and decision makers on desktop and mobile devices. They are a form of native advertising that is displayed to LinkedIn members.

What I find unique about this type of ad is that it is a kind of adventure ad, reminiscent of the books that some of us probably read as children. There are many different options available to advertisers because they can essentially create full campaigns with several different call-to-action (CTAs). You can choose to start with softer offers, e.g. B. with unrelated case studies. If you are interested in this offer, you can continue the funnel, for example by speaking to an employee or requesting a product demo.

Conversation ads cta example 2Conversation ads see example 3

In addition, advertisers can choose who the sender of the message is, which allows further customization and testing options. For example, messages can be sent from your company's product manager (if he has a LinkedIn account) or from a sales representative. The message can also only be sent via your company profile. However, the ad may lose its personal touch if you choose this route. No matter which way you go, I recommend reading Steve Burnett's blog before spending money on LinkedIn. Do this first as he talks about optimizing your company profile before you put him in the spotlight.

Test results for early conversation ads

A brand I've been working with has been testing the new conversation ads for about a month. Our test focused on presenting ungated case studies to our target audience, with the hope of informing and capturing the target audience about our product offerings until they wanted to speak to one of our product experts.

What we've seen so far is fantastic collaboration with our case study offerings, which generates case study downloads at a $ 15.92 CPA. Our conversion rate is around 3.5%. In our normal lead gene case study campaigns, we typically see CPAs between $ 80 and $ 110. However, our conversion rate is much higher at 10%.

The main difference is that our lead gene campaigns have average CPCs of $ 10-14, while the conversation ads have average CPCs of $ 0.45. That being said, we haven't seen much engagement with people who want to speak to our product experts, as after more than 3,500 conversation ads opened, there was only one user request to speak to a product expert.

Of course it is still very early in our tests and we are working on optimizing the offers to see if we can not get a better engagement for the bottom funnel. However, the data certainly suggests that conversation ads can be drivers for top funnel engagement. It will be interesting to do more testing as soon as LinkedIn allows us to realign the users who deal with our lead forms.

I definitely recommend testing the new ad type yourself, as I think it’s one of the more unique ad types available to PPC advertisers. There are really infinite combinations of offers that can all be sent by different users. Have fun testing!


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