There's never been a better time to get more followers on Pinterest.

With 367M + With monthly active users and a lot of new e-commerce tools in the mix, Pinterest quickly becomes the point of contact for increasing brand awareness and product sales.

In this blog post we cover Why Expanding your Pinterest account is a great strategy, as are our 8 top tips to get your followers going!

Why build a Pinterest followership as a company?

Pinterest may not be the first platform that comes to mind for brand marketing, but with one 28% The increase in monthly active users from 2018 to 2019 is definite one to watch.

In addition, Pinterest demography has greater purchasing power than most other social platforms 84% of weekly winners Use of the platform to inform your purchase decisions.

Reached the platform 77% of all women 25-54 in the US and as women's global income reaches trillions of dollars Women are expected to control almost 75% of discretionary expenditure by 2028.

So if you want to tap into a community with strong purchasing power, it's a good place to start building a fan base on Pinterest.

Are you ready to improve your Pinterest marketing strategy? Discover the best tips in our ultimate Pinterest marketing guide!

8 ways to get more followers on Pinterest

It's always a good idea to build a strong and loyal following on any platform.

However, as a search-oriented platform, it can be difficult to build a dedicated fan base on Pinterest without a strong strategy.

To make it easier for you to get started, we give you our eight most important tips to gain more followers and strengthen the sense of community around your brand:

How to Get More Followers on Pinterest # 1: Have a Clear Purpose

The first step to grow your fan base on Pinterest is to make sure that your profile clearly reflects the value that your company offers on the platform.

It should be immediately clear what kind of content your brand offers and what someone can win if they follow your account.

A clear purpose makes it a lot easier for users to commit to following your account because they know exactly what they're signing up for – it's like one digital version of your shop front.

Wild Mae Studio

Consider the following key areas to make your store front as clear and inviting as possible:

  • Profile name: Add words that explain your focus
  • Profile content: Your published content is in your profile. So keep creating original pins to show them in your profile
  • Profile description: Summarize your purpose
  • Profile head: Select an image or video that visually represents your content topics

It is equally important to support the purpose of your brand with your pin designs.

Pinterest is a visual first platform, so designing pins with easy-to-read text overlays is a great idea.

TIP: Short time? Use Later's text editor to add text to your pins as you plan them. There are over 10 different fonts and several formatting options to choose from.

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How to Get More Followers on Pinterest # 2: Optimize for Discovery

The most effective way to get more people to your Pinterest profile is to optimize your content so that it appears in relevant search results.

Pinterest is primarily a Visual Discovery EngineThis means that most users use the search toolbar to find inspiration on the platform.

How do you optimize your search on Pinterest?

The trick is to add relevant pins to your pins along with relevant titles and descriptions Specific for your company and your products, but also for your target group search to the.

This will help you Pens appear for the most relevant categories!

How to find keywords to increase your Pinterest followers

What keywords should you add to improve the visibility of your Pinterest profile? If you're not sure, you can get inspiration using Pinterest's built-in keyword research tool.

When you search for a generic term in the Pinterest search bar, you'll see a selection of keywords provided by Pinterest to make your search more specific.

These recommended keywords are sorted by search popularity. Take this into account when planning the keywords and hashtags for your pins.

For example, if you don't have many followers, it may be worth choosing less popular keywords. Chances are that you have less competition for these keywords, which means you rank higher in the search results.

Would you like to go one step further? Pinterest Trends provides a historical view of key search terms and topics in the U.S., UK, and Canada over the past 12 months. It is available to anyone who wants to know when people are looking for different topics and what content is popular on Pinterest.

You can access Pinterest trends early and learn more about how brands can optimize their content strategy Here.

Finding and adding keywords may seem like an extra hassle, but it's one of the best ways to get more traffic and followers for your Pinterest account.

Once you've found the best keywords for your business, you can optimize the key fields for additional visibility on Pinterest:

# 1: Make your profile name descriptive

You want to let your audience know about your brand as soon as possible. So adding a few descriptive keywords to your profile name is an easy way.

For example, we later entered our profile name as follows: Later: # 1 Marketing Platform for Instagram.


This immediately explains the value of Later and at the same time offers an additional increase in recognizability, since users who are looking for a "marketing platform for Instagram" discover Later's Pinterest account.

# 2: Make your pin title relevant to your content

Do you remember when we mentioned that Pinterest is a visual discovery machine? Well, that's where it comes in!

To keep a closer eye on your pins, you want to be as meaningful as possible in the pin title and description copy. So make sure your title and description are as accurate as possible for the content you've shared.

Patch plants

First, add a simple, compelling headline as the title (up to 100 characters) and remember to keep it relevant to the pin image or video. For example, "Easy No-Bake Dinners" is better than "food".

TIP: Avoid using symbols or spaces in your title. For example, a pin called "Cookies" is much better than a pin or board called "Cookies" COOKIES.

This will help your pins get into your target audience search results, increase your reach and expand your community.

# 3: Use your description to add additional, relevant information and keywords

You should not only have optimized keywords in your pin titles, but also include them in your pin descriptions.


You can use up to 500 characters for your descriptions. However, we recommend setting priorities that are important in the first 50 to 60 characters. These are most likely to appear in people's feeds.

Just like with your pin title, you want to make sure that the pin description is closely related to the pin image or video.

After all, a copy of the description is more important than just what users see – it provides information about the relevance and determines where the content is displayed. Make sure you include important keywords and brand names in this field, if applicable.

TIP: Add a call to action to your pin descriptions to encourage users to follow your Pinterest profile.

# 4: optimize your Pinterest boards

And finally, it's a good idea to optimize the titles and descriptions of your Pinterest boards too.


This improves the findability of the pins contained in each board and improves the organization of your Pinterest profile for your visitors. It is a win-win situation!

Learn how to take your pins to the next level in this blog post, and don't forget you can plan, plan, and post on Pinterest for free!

How to Get More Followers on Pinterest # 3: Add a Brand Logo to Your Pins

Pins are designed to be shared far and wide. So adding a brand element to your designs ensures that they always promote your business and get people back to your profile.


By using your brand logo, fonts and colors, your pins are instantly recognizable wherever they are stored.

This is especially valuable when paired with content that can be shared widely.

Notice how Whole food market creates educational, shareworthy pins with strong branding:

Whole food market

The more people notice your branding on pins, the more likely they are to review your profile and click "Follow".

How to Get More Followers on Pinterest # 4: Share Your Brand History

Being authentic and sharing the history of your brand creates one Sense of community on almost every social media platform – and Pinterest is no different.

If you are concerned with starting your business and introducing different team members, personal engagement can lead to more engagement, trust and followers for your brand.

An effective way to do this is to create Pinterest boards that are specifically designed to share the history of your brand.

For example, Turmeric teas has a Pinterest board "About Us" that contains a lot of details about the brand and its mission:

Turmeric teas

TIP: Give your brand storyboards an extra boost in visibility by adding them to the boards featured on your Pinterest profile!

How to Get More Followers on Pinterest # 5: Understand Your Existing Audience

If you're serious about growing your fan base on Pinterest, it's a good idea to understand who you are already and what content resonates with them.

And the best way to do this is to jump into yours Pinterest Analytics.

With a Pinterest business account You can get valuable audience insights, starting with your entire audience (all users who have this) seen or engaged with one of your pins) to your dedicated audience (all users who have busy, engaged with one of your pins) from the last 30 days.

Pinterest's Audience Insights are great for showing your audience demographics such as age, gender and location, but perhaps more remarkably, they also show the most popular ones Categories and interests for your audience.

You can use this great insight into the response of your existing audience to inform your future content strategy.

ANALYTIC TIP: Are you looking for further insights? Track and measure your Pinterest growth over the past 3 months Later. Just have a look at your Pinterest Analytics in your Later app!

How to Get More Followers on Pinterest # 6: Experiment with Video Pins

Video pins can really stand out from the crowd in search results, making them a great strategy to get more engagement, engagement and followers on Pinterest.

According to Pinterest, calls to bio video pins have increased by 240% compared to the previous year – and are particularly popular with content from the areas of food, beauty, home improvement, entertainment and home decor!

For example this organic video pin from Ryderwear appears in the top 10 search results for "fitness clothing":


ICYMI: With, you can quickly and easily plan video content on Pinterest Later!

Simply select a date and time to send your video content to Pinterest for review (all videos must be approved by Pinterest), and your video will go live on the board of your choice once it's approved.

Schedule and post video pins later that are available for all paid plans!

How to get more followers on Pinterest # 7: Work together on group boards

Invite brands or influencers to collaborate Group board members is another way to increase awareness and grow your fan base on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great place to build a community. So it makes sense to have a safe place for your influencer community or peer group to get together.

Check how Good + good and content creator cupcakes and cashmere Work together in the same "Beauty" board and use the shared brand values ​​and the demographic target group.

Gut + Gut and cupcakes and cashmere

This is a great cross-promotion opportunity to reach new and relevant followers, and can also be a good starting point for creative brand partnerships.

How to Get More Followers on Pinterest # 8: Invest in Pinterest Ads

With the right strategy, Pinterest ads can be huge for your brand's follower growth.

Pinterest ads are one of the easiest ways to get your content to the right audience because it appears in relevant search results.

You can target Pinterest ads to target audience demographics and interests, and choose relevant keywords to make them a flexible and targeted tool for growing your business.

By investing in your Pinterest growth strategy, you can build an audience that loves your content, engages with your brand, and buys your products.

Start planning, planning and automatically posting to Pinterest with Later – for free!

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