Would you like to learn how to use social media stocks? Stocks can help improve your content strategy while saving time and money.

There are thousands of talented developers who specialize in creating ready-to-use videos, audio files, and images for stock websites – and there is no way you can tell inventory with the naked eye!

Discover how the new world of royalty free stocks and how to use them properly to achieve your goals!


  1. Why use shares on social media?
  2. The benefits of stocks on social media
  3. How to Find the Best Social Media Stocks
  4. 5 tips for using equity assets (without anyone realizing they are stocks!)

Why should you use social media stocks?

Stock media is more useful to brands than ever – and we're not just talking about posting a generic landscape in your feeds.

We're talking unique stock visuals to expand your creative social media strategy, dynamic footage and animations to enhance your videos, and branded audio to give your post a little more momentum!

At the same time, you save energy, time and money.

In the past, brands and companies have been reluctant to use stocks on social media for fear they may appear fake or cheesy.

But now equity investments are much more creative and diverse than you think. There are thousands of dedicated photographers, videographers and sound engineers who create ready-to-use media that you can incorporate into your strategy.

In combination with stock libraries such as Unsplash, Stocksy United and Offset, you have millions of royalty-free media at your disposal!

how to use stocks on social media

And the best? Shares in social media are barely visible to the naked eye!

We'll show you how to find the best media for your feed and how to seamlessly integrate it into your feed. Trust us, your followers won't even notice the change.

Note: Most stock exchange libraries contain guidelines on how to correctly credit the creator of the equity. This can be done in the form of a link or mentioned in your label.

how to use stocks on social media

Some images don't require credit at all, but it's a great way to give something back to creators who have worked hard to improve your feed!

When you combine plug-and-play images with a social media planner like Later, You will find that you can publish visual content to your feeds in record time – all for free!

The advantages of shares on social media:

Before we look at the tips and tricks for using stocks on social media, let's first examine some of the advantages associated with choosing stocks.

Stock Assets Benefit # 1: Endless creative options

As stock development progresses, so do creative options.

In addition to beautiful pictures, there are countless interesting and creative ways in which you can integrate stocks into your social media feeds.


You can find and use global and localized images, video footage clips, vectors, graphic designs, audio clips, motion graphics, music and more!

Stock websites offer a huge and searchable database that is perfect for finding professional assets based on any category you can think of – food, fashion, lifestyle – as you call it!

They are also a great resource for sourcing images that represent inclusion and diversity from around the world.

Share capital advantage No. 2: time savings

Sometimes it can take weeks or even months for a photo shoot or video production to be prepared and carried out.

Stock websites speed up the process and help you achieve your content goals by providing you with professional content that is at your fingertips.

It's easy. Find what you're looking for and voilà!

To stay on trend, stock websites often offer curated collections that do the work for you. So the search time for the perfect picture is even shorter.

TIP: For visual inspiration, follow the stock websites on social media to stay up to date.

How to find photos in stock


Stock Assets Benefit # 3: Inexpensive

Creating custom content for our social channels can add up very quickly financially.

So if you want to reduce your expenses, equity is a great resource for anyone who wants to use professional assets at low cost.

Most stock websites usually offer royalty-free licenses. This means that you can acquire the copyright and use the image as you wish (or as described in the usage rights).

Stock photo Copyright


There are also various stock photography resources such as Unsplash and shutterstocksFree picture of the week“To give away free content for download to honor the artist.

how to use stocks on social media


Would you like to learn more about the benefits of using shares on social networks? We go into the details here blog entry!

Where to find creative stock media for your social feeds

Now that you know that saving stocks can save you time and money, let's explore some of our favorite stock websites!

Search and find images, audio and video assets that perfectly match your aesthetics on our top stock websites:

Later unsplash integration

One of our favorite platforms is Unsplash: A platform with over 1 million free high-resolution images brought to you by the most generous community of photographers in the world.

Now you can Find free photos on the brand right inside later with us Unsplash integration.

Collect, edit, and plan high-quality photos without having to leave them later with just a few clicks to create an eye-catching feed.

We'll help you give the original photographer the credit they need so you don't have to worry before planning and publishing.

The good news? It is free for all later users. Simply log in to the desktop app to find branded photos for your business.

Creative Stock Imagery: Stocksy United and Death to Stock

If you're looking for creative images that celebrate art and uniqueness, check it out Stocksy United and Death in stock.

Stocksy United

Stocksy United

Here you will find everything from fascinating still life food photography to aesthetic filming from indie films to authentic, diverse and comprehensive pictures.

Death to Stock Photo

Death in stock

Creative Stock Imagery: Staggered images

Check out beautiful travel, food, lifestyle and conceptual images Staggered images

Offset stock photos


You will find a diverse library of curated collections based on the top trends and celebrated holidays every month.

Staggered pictures of Elaine Rystead

Stock Video and Sounds: Premiumbeat and Shutterstock Select

If you want to get creative with inventory and move outside of still images, you should use video and music material.

With Premium beat and Shutterstock Selectyou can search for epic video and music titles that you can buy.

Once downloaded, you can add them to Instagram videos, IGTV, or even social ads:

TIP: For information about motion artists who want to add special effects to their personal videos or video assets, go to Shutterstock elements and this Free 7 Premiere Pro Free Transitions packages.

Various shares: with Tonl.co & Nappy

Diversity and inclusiveness should be the focus of your marketing campaign for social networks. And if you're proactively looking for a culturally diverse selection of images, check it out Tonl.co.

At Tonl.co you can purchase subscriptions at low cost (and cancel them at any time).

how to use stocks on social media


Another great resource is Diaper where all the photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

Her motto is "Feel free to do your thing" with her picture library as the mission is "to improve the representation of black and brown people in the media".


TIP: Are you looking for graphics that represent the latest news and coverage of editorial events? Check out Shutterstock editorial.

5 top tips for using stocks on social networks (without anyone knowing they're stocks!)

Now that you know where to find the right inventory for your feed, here are some creative tips and tricks to get the most out of your new assets.

Stock assets tip 1: create trendy design posts

Design trends take over our feeds – so why not go on board? We see a variety of accounts designing visual messages, quotes, and bank statements with text over image and video clips.

View this post on Instagram

I easily go to the "what if" rabbit and often think of every possibility, including what can / could go wrong. Practicing #Mindfulness has helped me create space to calm my mind and find a sense of peace and steadfastness throughout my day. ⁠ ⁠ If you are not yet familiar with mindfulness, here are some suggestions to get you started: ⁠ ⁠ 1.⁠ Take the time to be with yourself sich. ⁠ Start with a manageable meditation plan, e.g. B. Set aside 5 minutes, 3 times a week. «⁠ 2.⁠ Move your body⁠.⁠ Try to exercise mindfulness while moving your body. Whether running, yoga or cycling, you will find an activity that you enjoy doing. ⁠ ⁠ 3.⁠ Choose an activity to connect with your mind⁠. ⁠ Remove the stimulation and choose a calming activity that you can present yourself while hanging out with yourself. ⁠ 4. ⁠ Daily scanning ⁠ Carry out a body scan every day in the morning and / or in the evening lying in bed. Communicate and connect with your body. ⁠ ⁠ For a complete breakdown of mindfulness tips click on my * link in bio *! ⁠ emp emp trust # women power #girlboss #yoga #fitfam

A contribution by Laurie Assaly (@laurieassaly) on May 15, 2020 at 10:45 a.m. PDT

Take part in this trend by placing your message over images or videos that match your aesthetics. Check out how G Adventures used this style on its Pinterest boards – with stock travel pictures this is a really simple design that can be re-created!

how to use stocks on social media

Or take a look at the wellness brand @fig_face – You use simple natural backgrounds to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Although many of Fig Face's social media posts were created internally, the social team has used inventory as a resource for adding content that could not be captured due to current restrictions.

TIP: If you're not sure how to create design posts using stock visuals, read apps like over and Mojo that offer customizable design templates.

Stock assets tip 2: customize your Instagram stories

The Repost function for Instagram stories Allows users to share audiences and redirect to the original post that inspired you. Instead of sharing the post on a blank background, use stocks to make the brand better.

how to use stocks on social media

Be creative and spice up your Instagram Stories reposts by using photos as the repost background. This is a creative (and other) way to pay even more attention to the post you share.

how to use stocks on social media

Do you want to try it out? First, follow the steps below Blog entry.

Do not forget! Your Instagram stories can be repurposed for Facebook Stories – So none of your creative content is lost!

Stock Assets Tip 3: Add stock music to your IGTV videos

A great way to make your videos more memorable is to add music or audio tracks to your IGTV videos.

You can do this by adding an initial track to your IGTV series – like Home therapy and NYMag did in her IGTV series:

Music adds enthusiasm and dimension to your content, while defining a common theme for each video. It's a subtle addition that can really add to your contribution!

TIP: With the video editing app, you can easily add standard audio to your posts. InShot!

Stock Assets Tip 4: Create branded wallpapers and patterns

Another fun way to add charisma and charm to your feed is to create your own background images. You can use them in your feed, as a background for stories or as a design for any occasion.

It's easy. All you have to do is download Patternator and upload the images of your choice.

Then you can go crazy with the customization – create isolated patterns or even animated GIFs.

These can be used for cover images from Facebook pages, header images or GIFs for email newsletters or as a background for Instagram stories – the possibilities are endless!

Equity Assets Tip # 5: Mixing and Adjusting Equity Assets

The beauty of using stocks? There are no rules for the number of stocks you can mix and match.

Especially if you combine a number of different stocks in one super creative post or in your feed.

View this post on Instagram

For our friends in the northern hemisphere spring¹ is not canceled. Today we are celebrating the #plantaseedday with our friends at @biggreen, a small action part of a big movement that has never felt so relevant. We plant for biodiversity, for bees, for food, for the community, for the future, for each other, for our children, for all our friends around the world. This is about reflection, reconnection, resilience, renewal and rebirth. Vern ⁠ ___ ⁠ ⁠ ¹ The spring equinox is here: for us in the northern hemisphere it is the beginning of spring, for those in the south it is the beginning of autumn; but perhaps beautifully and symbolically, all of us on earth, from the equator to the poles, will today share an equal balance between daylight and night.

A post by Seed (@seed) on March 19, 2020 at 4:23 p.m. PDT

To take @Seed for example. They use a combination of image, design and video assets in their feed.

The result? An engaging and educational narrative that makes you absorb every ounce of information.

Another good example is @Pangaia. They use soothing audio tracks, in-brand text overlays and short video clips to keep their feed fresh and exciting.

And it doesn't stop at Instagram for Pangaia, they also use their stock assets on their Facebook page and use it again:

Stock photos on Facebook

Now that you have some useful tricks up your sleeve and know how to find brand inventory, you will no doubt be creating impressive (and beautiful) social media posts in no time.

Use later? log in and now search the content of Unsplash. Or register today to start planning, planning and posting on Instagram!

Written by

Elaine Rystead

Elaine is a content creator, marketer, and social media consultant based in Vancouver, BC. She is also a co-founder of Local Wanderer, a bright and delightful travel blog dedicated to the locality. Follow behind the scenes: @elainery.


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