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When it comes to your career, the New Year can bring a sense of hope and optimism, and in some cases, can bring new life to your career goals.

However, we all know the fate of an unplanned New Year resolution.

Here are several different ways to maximize your job search and find a position that you will love.

1. Create a roadmap

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One of the most successful job searches is using the internet to find jobs and apply. However, they also require an unconventional mindset. This year, consider integrating business research, information interviews, cold applications, and networking into your search.

Of course, before doing any of the above tasks, you should take the time to consider what type of work you really want. Winter is of course a great time for introspection and taking stock of your life over the past year. What worked and what didn't in your job, what did you like and what didn't interest you? Write all of this down as you build your roadmap for the New Year.

Whether you've been searching for a while or just starting out, try to find some job search resolutions to guide you. Keep goals and deadlines in mind so that you can focus better and make the process seem more achievable.

2. Strengthen your online presence

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Check your online presence and update your profile picture, skills, and recent work achievements that deserve mention.

If having an online portfolio that displays your work – for design or writing careers, for example – is beneficial in your area, the New Year is also the best time to build or refine your personal website. If you can show HR managers examples of your previous work, you can set yourself apart as a seasoned and savvy candidate.

3. Update your professional documents

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Use the new year to reflect on your successes from the past year. What were your big wins that a potential employer wants to know? Have you added new skills to your toolbox, advanced training programs, or added a new volunteer work to your life?

This is the perfect time to update your resume template (but remember to customize it for each job) so that you can get started right away when you start your job search.

4. Set achievable goals

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Setting metrics for yourself can be one of the best ways to make sure you are sticking to your New Years goal.

For each week of the first three months of the year, record your goals by numbering them. For example, you can send three network emails a week, apply online for four positions, request an informational interview, and attend a virtual networking event.

Keep your schedule and commitments in mind, and strategize how much time you can spend looking for a job.

5. Put your crew together

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To get a new job, you sometimes need to enlist the help of your job search support team – your friends, colleagues, family, and professional relationships. To make your dreams come true, you have to own them.

When you tell all of your employees about your goal of getting a new job, there are two rewards. You place the responsibility in yourself when you tell everyone about your plans – it is much harder to withdraw from something when your circle knows. And you never know who you might meet or who might overhear you talking about your professional goals.

6. Know where the jobs are

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Depending on what's going on with the economy and the world, the most sought-after careers can change from year to year. Make it your New Year's goal to know the fastest growing careers.

Because the more vacancies there are, the more likely it is that you will find the ideal position for you.

7. Research companies, not just jobs

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The typical protocol for job search is to search for jobs online by searching for specific job titles. However, consider changing your job search in the New Year by searching for companies. These tactics can help you learn a company's culture and mission to ensure that they are a good fit for you. You may even be able to uncover jobs at large companies that have not yet been published on traditional job boards.

If you can find a company that you want to work for but that doesn't have any vacancies in your area, then you can make a cold call by sending an email and using your services.

8. Restore healthy habits immediately

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Chances are your healthy habits have flown out the window over the holidays. To revitalize your body and soul, immediately return to healthy eating and exercise habits. This will help improve focus, energy, and excitement, and reduce stress.

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