In the first part Eli Feldblum and I talked about the good old days and in the second part about the maturation of the SEO industry. The SEO discipline is about building equity, and it's about content. We've talked about how simple things used to be, but now Google understands queries and content on the web a lot better than it did years ago. If you are writing really good content, this is the most important thing you can do. The other things matter, but the level of your content is more important.

Sometimes experts need to do it a little dumb, or at least write your content in a way that your audience can understand. As early as 2010, Google had a function with which you can filter your search results according to reading level. Google did that ten years ago. We provided a lot of details to Google to train Google.

Eli said AMP was on its way to wait which I might suspect with the page experience update, but technically Google is currently still devoting resources to it. So just create really good websites that are good for your users and you will be fine.

The next thing SEOs abuse is voice search, snippets, wizards and so on. We then talked about AI and machine learning in search and how Google and Bing are using it, including using it by some search tools.

In short, create a great website for users that will future proof your SEO and website.

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