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In part two of my interview with Elie Orgel (you can see part one here), we talked about how to get content and data that Google hasn't indexed yet. Lots of government websites and portals offer data exports and strange charting solutions that Google hasn't indexed. You just take this data and mix it up in useful ways.

When it comes to content, he can use this data to create long-form content. He often searches google for the ranks on that page for a query, divides them into topics, and covers not only the first five topics, but more of them so that it can be the best content of the keyword. In short, provide the most comprehensive content on the topic. He said that this is especially the case with the law. He said that a lot of people want the DIY right to do it themselves. Identify content that people would find value about that has not been written about before.

We then had a quick chat about what's hot at the law firm he's working on, including deleting it. Of course, I brought that back into search engine optimization by talking about online reputation management.

He then finished it off with how to do well with SEO for law firms. In short, focus on one niche and be an expert on that niche and then move on.

You can learn more about Elie Orgel on LinkedIn or ElieOrgel.com.

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