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By Sadie Blassuci

When media personality and bestselling author Erika De La Cruz founded Passion to Paycheck and Passionista, her goal was to fill a hotel with hundreds of people, big brands, career tools, and good vibes to guide attendees (affectionately called Passionists) in aligning theirs Mindset towards success. This year, the founder and self-proclaimed "Mental Fitness Coach" turned like never before and was virtually inspired by thousands.

Typically, Erika hosts the event alongside brands like Bumble Biz and Hyatt with personalities like Emmy Award-winning journalist Shaun Robinson, Bachelor Eric Bigger and host Rosci Diaz to help young entrepreneurs get personal networking, career and tools for the mental To convey health. This year Erika and her team put the event online, but instead of losing steam, it has grown – many times over!

Brands like Ceremonia, Wirecast, Forward Female and Latina Made not Maid jointly hosted a live event with Spanish translation that was viewed by over 1,000 attendees. The event taught vision boarding, a success tool taught by Oprah and the like. Vision boarding and manifesting can either be revered or trivialized by a broader culture, so students in the subject often start with major misunderstandings. It is easier to help people learn and unlearn, but within days of starting their event and the Manifestation Supplemental Course taught by Erika, community members reported that they were branding deals with the partner of their dreams and others starting new businesses have signed!

Ever since her book Passionistas: Tips, Stories, and Tweetables from Women Who Follow Their Dreams, Erika's approach has always been on achieving success via mental fitness, and that's why a one-off event is now a series of events, a membership community, and online Of course, thousands serve.

Their intimate online presence, consistent high-end brand collaborations (think Mazda and Versace), and accessible guidance tools make their audiences an ever-growing base of dedicated passionists, many in underserved communities. There aren't many places you can go for consistent and easily accessible guidance on how to align your mindset for success, or what "adjusting your mindset" means at all. Erika is inclusive and cultivates a brand of endless positivity. So whatever your background, there is a little bit you can learn about how to help yourself – and, even more difficultly – how to get out of the way.

Erika De La CruzPhoto credit: Daniel Curtis

When you feel stuck where do you turn? For the now 600-strong Passion to Paycheck community, it's Erika's course or Instagram. Their content, teaching and collaborations all point to one thing: You are reaching your full potential. She leads by example on how to develop optimistic thoughts to support your own dreams, even in a year like 2020.

When comfort is easy to overlook, Erika's products and shareable tips remind us of the importance of it. Erika's inspiring spiritual and ambitious approach to life and business is inspiring, whether it's in full positivity, in a sluggish morning mood, or in boss mode. She has managed to maintain growth and impact by consistently providing specific tools on issues that may seem conceptual. Erika's success this year shows that any community can access the tools they need to live well and support their own dreams. Positivity (virtual or otherwise) is powerful. Connect with the Passionista at or follow their journey through social media.

Sadie Blassuci is the founder of Nesting Dolls Inc.

3 of Erika's quotes to inspire you to feel better today:

“When you go to the gym, you see the results in your body. When you train the mind, you see the results in your reality. "

"I might not wake up on autopositive, but I sure didn't wake up on autopilot."

"Add a to-be list to your routine. To-do lists are great, but if you can figure out who you are while you're doing the action, nothing can stop you."

– Erika De La Cruz

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