We know that finding the best ad network can be a difficult task for two reasons: first, because there are many options; second, because (of course) everyone claims to be the best and sometimes you can't trust what is said on the forums.

In fact, we never know who might be responsible for an opinion like "This ad network is the only thing Chuck Norris is afraid of".

because We care about youWe'd like to share some adult ad network facts through this impartial review of the largest.

List of Adult Ad Networks

Explore and make your choices to reach the top of media buying!

Here is the full list!

1. ExoClick

This is the best and most complete adult ad network. They provide you with lots of statistics and data to help you make the best decision when optimizing your campaigns.

The network is huge.

You have some high quality websites and good volumes in different places. There are many ways to explore traffic, and most importantly, have one of the media buyer's best friends: SmartCPM!

Check out the Mobidea Academy's ExoClick test!


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2. TwinRed

This innovative and future-oriented adult ad network has everything you need to take your ROI to the next level. There is insane amounts of up-converting traffic from a global network of high-performing publishers.

Advertisers can bid on premium inventory in real time and choose from a range of up-converting ad formats including pops, push, native and interstitial ads.

The network has some great optimization tools and advanced targeting capabilities. You can create your campaign quickly and easily from the account dashboard.

TwinRed is a beast when it comes to adult traffic, and has some of the best pubs out there – that's how you get insane returns on popular adult deals.

You can track every aspect of your campaign using the advanced macros provided to determine which ad placements are best for your offers.

If you are looking for adult upconverting traffic with powerful optimization tools that will increase your profits, you should try TwinRed!

Read the Mobidea Academy's TwinRed test.


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3. Mirelia

Mirelia is a premier adult ad network with an exclusive inventory of traffic in the member's area. The network has 1.5 billion monthly ad impressions and a good selection of ad formats.

Affiliates can bid on traffic in a variety of ways and test up to 5 bids and countries to find high performing traffic sources.

There are some nice targeting options out there, and users are segmented based on their purchase loyalty – with no overlap between segments.

Advertisers can use internal funnels and pre-build up-converting countries through the network of direct traffic sources that involves many high profile publishers.

Setting up your campaigns is quick and easy, and the intelligent targeting and tracking options make optimizing bids, placements and countries a breeze.

There is a high volume of mobile traffic available in over 20 Tier 1 GEOs including USA, CA, AU, NZ and UK.

While advertisers are primarily aimed at meeting partners, they can also get good ROI in many other industries including cams, adult paysites, entertainment and media, software, games, pharmaceuticals, sweepstakes, and gambling.


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4. TrafficStars

TrafficStars is a leading adult ad network with daily 3B impressions and premium ad inventory from exclusive publishers worldwide.

Advertisers have access to a number of advanced targeting and optimization tools and can track their campaigns on a granular level.

You can target your audience using 35 adult categories and build your campaigns with powerful ad formats including banners, native ads, video pre-rolls, video IM sliders, push, pops, and interstitial ads.

The volume and quality of the traffic are unmatched. You can use the CPMV pricing model which allows you to keep costs down by only paying for views seen by actual users.

Advertisers can bid on premium inventory in real time and increase their ROI with smart targeting and advanced network optimization capabilities.


Check the Mobidea Academy's TrafficStars rating.

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5. PlugRush

You can choose different types of destinations on this platform. You can choose between the ad formats Push, Display, Pop and Native.

PlugRush shows where your closest competitor is and how you should bid to get their traffic. Therefore, if you want good results, you cannot afford to slack off.

This is where you run CPV campaigns where you pay per view. Get lots of traffic with bids as low as $ 0.003.

With the transparency that this advertising network gives you, you will feel like you are at war!


Plugrush rating

Read the Mobidea Academy's PlugRush review.

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6. PopAds

PopAds specializes in internet pop-unders and popups. You can set the budget, target visitors, and set frequency limits for each campaign.

You also have the option to customize your report. The big difference in the targeting option compared to other ad networks is the ability to choose the ISP (Internet Service Provider) for each campaign instead of the cellular operator. Even so, you will get mostly carrier traffic.

The inventory is really huge and you can have a lot of impressions in a short time. When you set the target for your campaign, it will show you the traffic estimates that you can get such as: B. Your average position and the maximum price that your competitors are bidding on. The bid is based on a smart bid, just like in other popular advertising networks.

This means that you always pay the reserve price to guarantee your position.

Yes, there are only popups and popunders, but what did you expect with that name?

Purple pigs saddled on the back of a unicorn?

Come on…


Would you like to leave a review?

Check our PopAds review!


Popad's rating

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7. Zeropark

Zeropark is developed by the team behind Voluum. Basically, it works with three types of traffic: push, pop, and domain redirect traffic (known as full-page PPV traffic). There is both adult and mainstream traffic, with most of the traffic being mainstream.

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Nevertheless, the volumes are interesting for adults.

The cost model is CPV (cost per view) for pop and domain redirects and CPC (cost per click) for push. You pay for CPV traffic every time a user views your landing page. When you set your bid you will see a "visibility bar" which will tell you pretty much whether or not you will get a decent position with that particular bid.

Targeting options include: Geos, Keywords, Devices, Carriers, RON, and others.

The target / source are basically whitelists. The goals are the placements; Sources are the advertising exchanges linked to Zeropark. This basically means that sources are target audiences.

Another interesting feature to mention is the full integration of Zeropark into Voluum. All you have to do is create a campaign in Voluum and select Zeropark as the traffic source and you're done: everything is tracked correctly, including costs.

More recently, you can even optimize your campaigns right from Voluum. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities that you haven't had before.

Zeropark rating

Check our Zeropark rating!

8. Pushy ads

Pushy-Ads is currently one of the largest adult ad networks for push monetization.

Their key element is the push notifications, a clean, low-profile ad format that allows them to bring mainstream advertisers to adult websites without linking the two on the site itself.

Thanks to high quality advertisers around the world, they can offer the highest CPM rates on the market in addition to native content recommendations.

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9. TrafficFactory

This adult ad network has few adult websites.

However, with 6 billion global daily impressions, the volume is enough to compete with larger networks like ExoClick.

The worst aspects of TrafficFactory are the spots: 300 × 100, 338 × 235, 928 × 244 and 180 × 1030 as well as video pre-roll. You will only find them here, but believe me, once you get used to how the platform works you will find it really interesting.

They also have an AdRate that measures your position against the competition. This is a mix of your bid and your CTR.

Do you know what this means? Either work carefully on your banners or empty your pockets!


Do you need an evaluation?

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Review of the traffic factory

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10. Ero advertising

With experience, knowledge, and inventory, this adult ad network could be more intuitive and easier to work with, but it's perfectly acceptable. The campaign planner contains countless parameters and goals that you can explore and "play" with.

The network is pretty big too, and you can blacklist commercials or domains, create campaigns for just one website (they call it "CPM campaigns" with SmartBid), and buy apartments.

Once you get used to Ero advertising you will find that green is really the color money!


eroadvertising review

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11. JuicyAds

It is an award-winning advertising network that is well known in the industry and has good relationships with other companies.

This is all great!

However, this does not apply to the entire platform. In fact, it's easier to find bad aspects than great ones. The platform is messy, the network is poor quality, the statistics (the few they actually give you) are difficult to analyze.

Since the platform is not geared towards mobile devices, there is no mobile banner traffic.

However, here are some positives:

on) You can block sources.

b) Even if the network is poor quality, you can target the websites you want and these will provide you with useful dynamic follow-ups.

As a media buyer, I really only care about the statistics and information displayed. However, in the case of JuicyAds, I appreciate the fact that they feature pictures of the Juicy Babes. I know … it may sound flat …

… I'm sorry, but I'm a guy !!


Juicyads rating

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12. TrafficHunt

Traffic Hunt is a simple advertising network. It only works with some premium member sites. Your statistics are really useful in understanding your campaigns behavior! However, you don't have much leeway to translate creativity into your strategies

Here you can control bids and banner performance and adjust the bids per website.

You know what that means?

If you want to be successful, you have to read and analyze your stats quickly!


Traffichunt evaluation

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13. Adamo Ads

Created in early 2014, this adult ad network has both web and mobile traffic for pop, banner, instant message, interstitial, redirect and in-video ads.

There are good targeting tools such as Carrier, Device, IP and OS, GEO and Site Targeting, and audience segmentation that makes it easy for you to show your ads in front of engaged users.

Although Adamo recently improved its publisher network, as a media buyer devoted to mobile traffic, you may struggle to find the volume you need.


Adamo rating

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14. Traffic shop

TrafficShop is an adult network with a wide range of features and targeting options. There is a good variety of ad formats for mobile devices, including obile and desktop banners, native ads, popunder, and scanned (a percentage of clicks on a website redirect users to an offer)

The volumes aren't exactly huge, but it's easy to edit and all the important information is there (domain names, main alignment options, performance tracking, etc.). They differ from most other popular advertising networks in that you set your LP URL, which you must first prepare and then link in the campaign editor.

You also set the bid differently because you don't set the value yourself. Instead, zoom in on your position and they'll automatically enter the required bid. They also offer IP ranges that aren't too common.

Yes, they are different, but not stupid and we appreciate that!


Traffic shop rating

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15. Traffic Junky

Ad network of Mindgeek Great Sharks. First of all, we have to thank them for changing their platform. The one that's alive now is pretty interesting and far better than the old version.

The campaign creator is simple, clear and has useful functions. I love that they show you dynamic tracking when you type in your url as many websites require you to go to the help section or explore the site.

Regarding the banners, you can use JPG, GIF, PNG, Iframes or Rich Media. You can use your banner bank or upload them directly using the browsing option. They're not perfect, however: your bottom shows the ugly head as you swing as you pick the points. In fact, you can only advertise on your own network.

You can choose a specific website or create a RON campaign that improves everything to one hell of a high point: you can see the targeting and bids of the other advertisers.

In summary, TrafficJunky is a good platform with a few lows that has improved significantly over the years.

Do you want to learn more about TrafficJunky?

Check out the Mobidea Academy's TrafficJunky Review!


Trafficjunky review

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16. Adbucks

An advertising network that is part of BrandReach. Let's dive in and check out what it's about.

The main page is pretty simple: all you have to do is check the campaign list and statistics.

Let's create a campaign!

Once you start you will see the list of publishers: mostly Premium, except for Xhamster. There is not much.

You can also estimate the traffic you will get according to the orientation. However, if you do, you will be pushed as soon as you see the traffic. Campaign creation is simple and straightforward. Adbucks has country, operating system and carrier targeting.

The next step is to submit the bids. I started one BR – – OI The campaign and the number of available impressions broke my heart. Anyway, I created the campaign and added my banners.

In all honesty, I would never be so cruel as to advise you to buy traffic here.

In fact there is no traffic. Everything is of poor qualityand the platform doesn't give you many options to work with.

Adbucks rating

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