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Also, due to the new CVS advertising network and Google's Large Ads Policy, we've repeatedly listed Sarah McLachlan, the Deftones and Seagulls.

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Instagram checkout & Facebook shops

Facebook announced improved ecommerce experiences for Facebook and Instagram apps and stated that all sales fees will be waived by the end of 2020.

Facebook Shops and Instagram Checkout will be rolled out to all US companies and developers.

Retailers can manage both their Facebook and Instagram stores from a single online store.

The stores will be integrated with Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger, so retailers can help customers shop in the apps.

Finally, they announced the launch of live shoppable videos for both apps.

Google career certificates

Google announced six-month professional certification programs for the career paths of Data Analyst, Project Manager, and UX Designer.

The new programs will help job seekers accelerate their employment regardless of their formal education or experience.

Google said they will treat the certificates as the equivalent of four-year degrees in related fields in their own hiring practices.


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Will Apple launch a search engine?

There is significant evidence that Apple may plan to develop its own search engine to compete with Google.

Updates to the Applebot web crawler page and Spotlight search appear to shed some light on Apple's future plans.

Short format videos discovered on Google Discover

Short videos of Trell and Tangi were recently spotted in a carousel format on Google Discover.

YouTube's new test and upcoming lunch “Shorts” are compelling reasons for brands to invest in short video content.

This week's recording is from Anna Blanken, who has no problem when it comes to agencies dealing directly with their clients (and former clients).


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Agencies that take customer data hostage are terrorists. Convince me of the opposite. #ppcchat

– Anna Blanken (@anna_arrow), August 27, 2020

Then ICYMI, Martin McDonald, doesn't have a lot of faith in Apple's new search engine.

When Apple publishes a web search engine, it matches the map product.

At first absolute garbage, so we all ignore it, then they slowly catch up over 6 years, but nobody notices and only die-hard fans care.

– searchmartin (@searchmartin) August 27, 2020

We answer these important questions about digital marketing in our quick lap segment:

  • Who is upset that Google Ads won't take a break on unpaid invoices?
  • What's the new Spotify Podcast Topic Search?
  • When does TikTok start shopping live streams?
  • Where can you find new data on calls in your Google ads?
  • Why do webmasters need to know what Google considers "heavy advertising"?
  • How can you identify selected snippets in the Google Search Console?


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