Google seems to be expanding, showing its extensible user interface for knowledge panels. By expandable knowledge window, it is meant that the right knowledge window that you see in search results can sometimes display expandable and collapsible menus to show more segments of information.

Google had this interface since at least the end of 2020, maybe even before that. We saw this used for Twitter a while ago, as have many others in the past few days. Here's what he shared: Note: I can replicate this myself for a search for (netlify):

Here are more screenshots of him:

😬 might see things like price inconsistencies when searching the site (pricing based on knowledge graphs from outdated G2 pages, not directly from GitHub). especially in larger companies that cause problems.

– Scott Mathson (@scottmathson) January 13, 2021

Mordy Oberstein recently posted some before and after screenshots:

For the recording here is the same panel last week.

– Mordy Oberstein (@MordyOberstein) January 18, 2021

Again, this is not 100% new, but more and more are seeing this now.

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