1. Updates to the conditions of participation
  2. Eligibility for in-stream ads
  3. Make Money With More Types Of Videos
  4. Live Stream Ads Eligibility
  5. Make money straight from the viewers

Facebook is releasing three updates that will help video content developers make more money.

Recent changes to Facebook's video monetization options include:

  • Get income from short-form videos.
  • Extension of authorization to other content creators.
  • This makes it easier for developers to make money off of viewers' contributions.

The ability to earn income from videos posted on Facebook is available to pages that meet certain criteria.

Now that the criteria have been updated, let's take a look at this first.

Updates to the conditions of participation

Additional sites can monetize their videos with ads after updating Facebook's eligibility criteria.

Facebook has separate requirements for each type of video ad: in-stream, live, and gaming. Each requirement set is updated.

Eligibility for in-stream ads

In-stream ads refer to ads that appear either before or during a video.

To serve in-stream ads, Facebook Pages must have:

  • A total of 600,000 minutes displayed from any combination of video uploads in the past 60 days. This can include regular video uploads, live streams, and live stream recordings.
    5 or more active video uploads or live videos beforehand. Videos must be published, not deleted, and comply with Facebook content monetization guidelines.


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So far, Facebook only considered regular video uploads over three minutes in its calculations for the conditions of participation. Shorter video uploads, live streams and live video recordings are now also taken into account.

In-stream ads will still be available to pages with at least 10,000 followers. They are not available to personal profiles.

Make Money With More Types Of Videos

Sites can now make money from just a minute's video. This offers the opportunity to run a 30-second ad, which, according to Facebook, is "minimally annoying".

Previously, only videos with a length of 3 minutes or longer could be monetized.

Videos longer than 3 minutes may contain mid-roll ads that appear while the video is playing instead of before the video starts.

Mid-roll ads can now appear in the video after 45 seconds. This is a minor update from the previous 1 minute checkpoint.


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Live Stream Ads Eligibility

Facebook has separate terms and conditions for pages interested in monetizing live streams.

In addition to meeting the criteria in the section above, Pages must meet another requirement in order to serve ads while going live: 60,000 live minutes in the last 60 days.

Facebook notes that the playback time for recording live streams does not count towards meeting these eligibility criteria.

Make money straight from the viewers

If Pages have the right to live-stream ads, they can also make money from Stars.

Once you are familiar with Twitch's "Bits", you will immediately understand the concept of Facebook's "Stars".

It is a form of digital currency that real money users buy and send to the developers to reward them for their content. The creators then earn a portion of the earnings from the stars they receive during a stream.

Facebook offers 3 new ways to make money from video content

Facebook offers 3 new ways to make money from video content

Facebook extends the authorization for stars to 15 additional countries. In the coming weeks, Facebook will begin testing developers' ability to earn stars from non-live video.


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Content creators can verify that their pages are eligible for any of these monetization programs in Creator Studio. Pages can also be applied to the programs in Creator Studio.

Facebook says it will review all applications and gradually accept more pages that meet its new criteria.

Source: Facebook Newsroom


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