Facebook Analytics will no longer be available after June 30, 2021, leaving marketers less than three months to export their data and find other solutions.

Given how marketers rely on Facebook Analytics to measure conversion data, this announcement is decidedly short-term.

The announcement that Facebook Analytics will be discontinued at the end of June was tacitly published in the Facebook for Business Help Center. When they navigate to analyze.facebook.com, users are now directed to the announcement that reads:

“Facebook Analytics will no longer be available after June 30, 2021. Until then, you can still access reports, export charts and tables, and get insights. Click the arrow in the top right corner of any chart or table to export data from Facebook Analytics on your desktop to a CSV file. "


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The company offers no reason for its decision to close Facebook Analytics. Instead, users are directed to other business tools that are not exact 1: 1 alternatives.

Facebook directs users to the following business tools to use after removing Analytics:

  • Facebook Business Suite: Allows users to manage their Facebook and Instagram business accounts. Provides in-depth insight into a company's target audience, content, and trends (but not available to everyone).
  • Ad manager: Allows businesses to view, make changes, and see results for Facebook campaigns and ads.
  • Event manager: Can help users set up and manage Facebook business tools like Facebook Pixel and Conversions API. Also reports reports of actions taken on a company's website, app, and physical store.

If marketers can adapt to using a combination of the above tools, they may be able to perform the same tasks they are used to in Facebook Analytics.

Facebook Analytics is used to combine data from a Facebook page with data from the Facebook pixel. When the data is connected, Analytics can show a conversion path between a customer studying a company's content and ultimately making a purchase on Facebook.


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Lately, it has become more difficult to keep track of this data with one tool – with or without Facebook Analytics. This is due to an update in iOS 14 that asks users whether or not they want to be tracked by apps on their phone.

If a user states that they don't want the Facebook app to track them, marketers won't be able to get the same conversion data from the user as they did before.

Again, Facebook has not given a reason to shut down Analytics. Therefore, it is not known whether the decision has anything to do with the iOS update.

Facebook has set itself the goal of making Business Suite the only interface that companies need to manage their activities on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

But there is one problem: The Facebook Business Suite is only available to small businesses at the moment.

When the Facebook Business Suite was announced last year, the company announced that the tool would be available to businesses of all sizes in 2021.

Facebook has not yet kept that promise or is not offering any update to its plans to roll out the tool more widely. An update for the Facebook Business Suite may be available before June 30th.

Source: Facebook Business Help Center


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