May 26, 2020


Erica Perry


The number of pinners dealing with product needles that can be bought has almost halved (44%) Year for year. At a time when it is not possible to search the aisles of a favorite store, the platform has doubled its search for ways to improve product discovery and customize offers, with a focus on facilitating buying behavior and mimicking the appearance of IRL- Storefront lies.

Last month, the platform introduced features that allow users to buy products in stock that are inspired by their own pins. In addition, a new "Shop" tab has been introduced, which functions as a personal shopping list. With the new function, Pinterest is giving even greater impetus to content that can be bought. "Shopping lights, “The focus is on purchases driven by curations from guest editors, including influencers and publishers.

Shopping lights

In a statement to WWD, Amy VenerThe Retail Strategy and Marketing Director at Pinterest said the impetus follows an 18-month product development topic to bridge the gap between people who can find inspiration and take action. "It was a major reason why we introduced the Shopping Spotlights feature to put users (Pinterest) in the hands of these experts based on current trends and connect them to the products they could buy."

Shopping Spotlights are accessed via a feed with highlighted control panels at the top of the "Search" tab. The content is selected by guest experts and fashion guides, including author Elaine Welteroth, fashion blogger Blair Eadie and interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. According to the official announcement, top fashion and lifestyle publishing partners will be added shortly Refinery29, domino, Who put on what, InStyle, nylon, and Harper & # 39; s Bazaar. Beyond selecting influential fashion, publisher and home taste maker content from editors, users can shop for curated ideas more seamlessly based on the latest Pinterest trends.

How does it work? Just tap Spotlight to see thematic collections, including products that point directly to stock pages where you can make your purchase. In some cases, you will come across items from brands that directly contribute to important causes such as COVID-19 relief. The platform reports that the search for "help small business" and "support small business" has increased in recent weeks more than 350 percent.

Facebook "shops"

Similar to Pinterest, Facebook is taking its own steps to improve its platform, to give people the joy of shopping, and to help companies with their linchpin for e-commerce.

The platform currently has its marketplace, while Instagram offers the opportunity to buy products that are included in posts and ads. However, the recent effort continues. The latest update, known as “shops”, enables companies to convert their Facebook and Instagram pages into digital storefronts. Announced via a live stream, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that expanded e-commerce is vital to rebuilding the country's economy. "We see a lot of small businesses where online businesses have never been online for the first time," he said.

Each company can choose the products they want to present and then design the shop to their liking, including choosing a cover image and the accent colors that showcase their brand. In addition to the brand's Facebook page and Instagram profile, products are displayed in stories or in advertised content.

In-app and live integrations

As the update develops, Facebook is working on purchases that are made directly via a chat in WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct. It is also planned to integrate loyalty programs into shops and to give users the opportunity to shop during a live stream. In this scenario, brands can label items from their catalogs so that they appear at the bottom of their live.

Finally, Instagram Shop is slated to launch this summer, where users can browse articles on Instagram Explore. There you will find inspiration from collections of your favorite brands at the @ Shop account. Later in the year, it is planned to add a separate tab for shopping to the navigation bar.

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