Facebook supports small businesses with virtual ticket events and this week's Digital Marketing News (PODCAST).

Jess Budde, Greg Finn and Christine "Shep" Zirnheld are back to deliver the biggest digital marketing news of the week.

Plus, the SEO community is proving why we can't have nice things when Google's new custom wallpaper test turns into a gallery of unsavory image results.

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Host paid online events on Facebook

Page owners now have the option of hosting online events via Facebook and charging an optional participation fee.

Facebook does not benefit from ticket sales as 100% of the cost of entry goes to the company hosting the event.

These new events are currently available in 20 countries. Businesses must be eligible for partner monetization in order to qualify.

New features of the Google Search Console to improve content

Google has a new tool for webmasters, Search Console Insights.

Despite the confusing name, this new feature is backed by data from both the Search Console and Google Analytics to help publishers and content creators understand how their target audience is finding and responding to their content.

This experience is not optimized for the desktop, but it can help you take a closer look at how your website is performing on mobile devices.

The easiest way to access Search Console Insights is to search for "Search Console Insights" on Google.

New Microsoft Advertising Editor update

The latest version of Microsoft Advertising Editor supports automated recommendations that can be reviewed or implemented directly from the editor interface.

More importantly, advertisers can also set target group assignments at the campaign level that were previously only available at the ad group level if they weren't edited online.


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The week is a Twitter thread that grew out of this insightful Google Ads recommendation from Stephanie Woods. From there, PPC Chat piled up on Google Ads with their fiery attitudes.

Google Ads recommends increasing my target CPA from $ 100 to $ 12,609 for two additional conversions. Seems real lol. #ppcchat pic.twitter.com/3J66EI4m3N

– Stephanie Woods (@steph_woods) August 17, 2020

Then, ICYMI, James Webster has a foolproof way to test smart shopping campaigns.

Would you like to try a smart shopping campaign but don't want to risk performance?

Here is a thread that will show you the best way to test out smart shopping campaigns

(1/7) #ppcchat

– James Webster (@PPC_Webster) August 19, 2020

Get answers to your burning questions about digital marketing during our lightning lap segment.

  • Who will ever use LinkedIn's new TikTok-like feature?
  • What do you need to know about new custom audiences in Google Ads?
  • What should you do next when you're all on Instagram?
  • Where advertisers are now allowed to sell mask disinfectants online
  • Why the Google Custom Image Header Test ran into chaos
  • Using the new activity cards from Google

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Selected image source: Cypress North


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