Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing in 2020

Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing in 2020

Instagram has developed from a pure photo sharing into one of the most important marketing platforms for all companies in recent years. With its large number of users, the platform is invaluable to all major brands and companies. Instagram marketing has been included in the marketing strategies of all major brands.

This article introduces some Instagram marketing tips and tricks and how businesses can benefit from using this platform to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The need for Instagram Marketing

Instagram has more than a billion active users. The user base of this platform is too large for a marketer or brand to ignore. Instagram's studies have shown that almost 44% of users do brand research and 53% of users follow their favorite brands' pages. These facts have made it difficult to ignore Instagram in marketing strategies.

How can you set up your Instagram account?

In order to market your products or services on Instagram, you need to set up a business account. Instagram offers its users the choice between a business account or a personal account. Marketing and branding your brand on Instagram is possible if you first create a business account.

With a personal account, you can't add links to stories or create posts to forward to a website. This is only possible if you are using a business account.

To create a business account on Instagram, you'll need a Facebook page for your brand. Once you have finished creating a page on Facebook, you can go to your Instagram account and select the “Switch to Business Account” option in Account Settings. Don't forget to keep your account open to all viewers. This is done by changing the privacy settings to "Public".

Optimize your Instagram account

People's attention span on social media is relatively small. This means that you only have a very short time to grab the audience's attention and convert them into customers. This fact makes it important to have an optimized Instagram page. An optimized page would help you increase the conversion rate, but it would also help you get more IG followers.

Some of the steps you can take to optimize your Instagram account are:

  • The name of the Instagram profile should be a fair representation of your brand.
  • Choose an appropriate profile picture with the brand's name or logo.
  • Write an engaging bio that presents your brand to your customers.
  • Add the link that you want to redirect your traffic to.
  • Keep the aesthetics and color palettes consistent across all posts.

Take advantage of all the available Instagram content formats

Instagram allows a variety of content formats on its pages. Aside from standard photo posting, you can try using the other formats available to attract the customers and create the brand awareness you want to create.

Instagram stories

Used to post different types of content and are a fun way to keep customers engaged. The stories are used to share bite-sized content that stays on the page for 24 hours. Let's look at how you can use Instagram Stories.

  • Promote Your Posts: You can share your posts on the Stories, which will make your standard photo post more visible.
  • Ask a question: this is used to engage and interact with customers to build their trust and generate higher sales.
  • Create a survey or quiz: Again, this is a useful way to get customers. You can use the surveys to understand customers' views and opinions.
  • You can also add the links to your website to your stories. You would redirect customers to your website and increase conversions.


You can think of highlights as permanent stories. They appear at the top of your page and are an effective content format for displaying important content on your page. The highlights are used to communicate important information, display products and answer the FAQs.


Instagram allowed videos for a maximum of 60 seconds, while stories had a time limit of 15 seconds. IGTV solved this problem for the users by allowing verified users to post videos of 60 minutes. For all other users, a maximum length of 10 minutes is allowed.

You can post product description videos and customer reviews, answer frequently asked questions, or share your success stories. This feature allows you to be creative and get the audience involved in your IGTV channel.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is also a very useful feature that allows you to engage with your audience in real time. Viewers can comment and share your views on your live sessions and ask their questions that you can answer directly. You can also invite guests to your channel, talk to them about your product, and let them in. This is a great way to build a personal connection with the audience.

Create engaging content

There is no shortage of brands on Instagram that actively try to acquire new customers and address new target groups. It is extremely important to differentiate your brand from others as there is no shortage of content on this platform. You need to get the audience's attention in a short amount of time and make sure the audience is consuming the content.

We bring you some tried and true tips and tricks to help set your brand apart.

  • Use different media formats like pictures, gifs, videos, memes and boomerang videos.
  • Don't compromise on the quality of the content on your page.
  • Use high quality videos and photos for that aesthetic look.
  • Never post content that is irrelevant to your brand.

Use the Instagram Analytics tools to measure the performance of your posts

There are many tools like Iconosquare, Quintly, and others that you can use to measure the performance of every post on your page. Not only will they help you measure the impact of your campaigns, but they will also tell you about the popular keywords that customers are pulling into their search.


This guide would help you improve your Instagram marketing strategy. So use a lot of creativity and boost your marketing strategy using this amazing social media platform.


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