First, let's make it clear why you need to download a photo from Instagram.

The destination is important because you will need different methods of saving to social media for different goals.

For a private destination, the screenshot method is sufficient. And for a professional goal, the downloader tool and bot work well.

Why do professional content creators need download methods?

There are many questions on this topic:

How do I create an Instagram page that is always full of useful and brilliant content that can go viral and place your profile at the top of the user's feed? How can you keep your followers always on trend and get them to keep an eye on your feed and like your posts?

Where can you get inspiration for an everyday content plan? Where can I find inspiration to write two or even three posts a day? How do you keep your content diverse? And what life hacks are digital marketers using these days to create an Instagram profile that is making money?

The answers are: Mastering the art of content curation.

What do you need to master Instagram content curation?

You need answers to these two questions.

WHERE do you get the latest and most viral content? And how can you transfer it to your device for future reuse?

This article will give you three amazing techniques to get original quality content from Instagram. And a lifehack to get inspired to make a great feed for your social account. To always find the freshest and most viral content from Instagram profiles.

Lifehack: How to find the most viral content to download for future use on your profile

First, let's start with the technique of professional marketers ingesting content for 2021. Where do professional Instagram curators get viral and engaging feed content from?

If you want to fill your Instagram profiles with viral content, you need to get it from popular profiles with great dedication. Analyze each profile where you want to find the most commented posts.

So all you need to do is make a list of all the accounts whose feeds match the theme of your account. These popular profiles are full of posts that will be of interest to you and your followers.

See the latest posts on this account and choose the most commented and popular content. Now you need to download this content with the highest quality.

3 ways to save content on Instagram

Now that you've figured out where to get content, it's time to properly store it on your device. You need to download from Instagram without any quality loss. And this is how it works.

# 1 High quality screenshot method

If you've tried working with screenshot content, you already know how difficult it is.

The quality of the screen video or screenshot is too poor to be reused in the profile. It's messy and pixelated.

This is due to the quality of the device display that is used to capture screen video.

The normal screen resolution for a smartphone is never more than 1080 pixels. Also, the original video adopts a social media resolution and your internet connection quality will have a big impact on it.

For example, the iPhone 8s Plus has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. So do you think it will take screenshots of 1242 x 2208 pixels? But you would never get such a high quality screenshot of it for many reasons. In addition, the transfer process from the phone to the computer or from the camera roll to the editing app leads to quality loss.

The ultimate way to save high quality screenshots is by using AirDrop. How to use it

To share a high quality screenshot from an iPhone with the original screen resolution, do the following:

  1. Take the screenshot.
  2. Save the screenshot to files.
  3. Share it with AirDrop.

This is the only way to forward a screenshot for the next changes without loss of quality.

# 2 bot method

Another method of saving photos from Instagram is by using a Telegram app bot.

First of all, you need to download the Telegram Messenger app from the App Store or Google Play.

Then you should activate a bot. It's called Instasaver.

Or you can search for this bot in the Telegram app. Enter @Instasave_bot in the search bar at the top of all chats.

The guide to downloading Instagram using a Telegram bot:

# 1 Go to the bot's chat screen.

# 2 Next, tap the Start button. Now you should choose your language.

# 3 Select a post on Instagram that you want to save the content of.

# 4 Copy the link to the post. It's located under the three dots in the top right corner of the Post interface.

# 5 Paste the link in the bot chat message. Send it.

A few moments later you will receive a message with a photo. Tap the photo and save it on your device.

Now you can easily download Instagram's posts and stories through Telegram app.

If you've included a link to a carousel post with more than one picture / video under a single link, the bot will send all of those files back to you. Just tap the picture / video you want and then tap Save to Gallery.

# 3 Downloader Method to Save Instagram

The last method is, among other things, the simplest and the most quality-saving. Just download Instagram photos using an online tool. The tool is free and accessible from any device and browser.

No matter what type of content you want to download from Instagram using this tool – photo, video, carousel post, story – just follow the same instructions on a Bigbangram downloader:

1. Copy the link to the content in Instagram (link to copy the link under three dots in the top right corner).

2. Paste it into the box in the downloader tool.

3. Click the Download button.

4. Select a folder in which to save the content.

That's it. The content you selected is saved in the highest quality on your device memory.

Downloader app

How to Save Photos from Instagram: 3 Methods for 2021 first appeared in Home Business Magazine.


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