Best tips for posting videos on Instagram

Best tips for posting videos on Instagram

Instagram is an incredible place to post videos, promote your brand, and gain a foothold among followers. It's more than just pictures, it has become one of the hottest video publishing websites that will delight and attract your target audience. Learn how to post videos that your fans and followers love to come back to.

Be precise

The most important thing when planning a video for your IG site is what you want to achieve. You're not just posting a video for fun. There should be a reason why you put it up. Would you like followers to subscribe to your feeds? Would you like them to try your new product? Do you hope to motivate them to act? First define the specific goal of your video and then go from there.

Plan it out

Once you've achieved your goal, your next task is to plan your video from start to finish. You have between three and sixty seconds to grab your audience and inspire them. The first three to four seconds are the most important, as these seconds are the deciding factors for whether someone is watching or flipping through. When planning your video, choose:

  • Shots
  • lighting
  • Scripting
  • Tell stories
  • Messaging

These five elements are crucial to keep your audience busy.


The focus is crucial when recording your video. Nobody wants to watch a blurry, blurry, or blurry video. Concentrate precisely on your object, the model or the main event. Use your recordings to tell a story without affecting it. Start with a scene that draws your viewer's attention. Instagram videos are played automatically. So you want to win a fan from the start.


You could have the best video anyone has ever seen, but if you have poor lighting, no one can tell what's going on. For such videos, lighting is critical. Make sure every second of your video counts and there should be no downtime due to poorly lit or dark scenes. When filming a model or product, always keep the light in front. This positioning ensures that your viewers see the person or object and not the shadows. Nothing looks worse than a new product in low light or a person who models or speaks to a viewer bathed in the shade. If you want videos that resemble professional video production companies, adequate lighting is essential.


If you want to write the script of your video, return to the bottom of your video. Are you trying to motivate To inspire? Connect? The answer to these questions determines how you create a script. Depending on what you want to do, decide how to script your video. Popular options are:

  • Product features: Show why your product, brand or message is unique.
  • Product presentation: Show your product in action.
  • Preview: Take a quick look at a product that will be launched soon.
  • Behind the scenes: Show some behind-the-scenes shots.
  • Tutorials: Demonstrate how to use a product or complete a project.
  • A Series: Use this option to showcase updates, new products, new technologies, customer loyalty and more.
  • Time Lapse: View a product that is manufactured, used or unpacked by speeding up the process to give customers a unique insight.

Tell stories

Regardless of whether you're recording a video for ten seconds or a full minute, it's important to tell a story and keep it consistent throughout. Social media videos are no different. Stick to the main purpose of your video and make sure that every second points to that purpose. No part of your video should be frivolous. Are you revealing a new product? Concentrate on the product disclosure. Do you share what makes your product unique? Keep talking about your product – don't get off the rails when you talk about the "other guys". Choose your story and stay there.


In the end, don't miss the call to action. Every video should motivate your viewer to do something. Should they follow you? Go to your website? Are you buying your product? Tell your friend or use your hashtag? Publish your own IG video with your design? Always include a call to action at the end of your video. If you don’t tell your audience what to do, you’ll like it and they’ll keep scrolling. Tell them what your next step should be. When you've sparked enough interest and engagement, viewers will like your new product off the shelf, track it, tell their friends and buy.

Engage your followers

With the right focus, excellent scripts, good lighting, and a compelling story, you create fans, maintain engagement, and let your loyal customers come back to find out more. Don't just make a movie. create a movement. Are you ready to take Instagram by storm?


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