Will Firefox's latest cookie blocker attract more users to its service with a browser market share of 3.65% compared to 19.37% for Safari and 63.63% for Chrome?

Total Cookie Protection was built into the platform's Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) and announced on Tuesday, February 23rd with the release of Firefox 86.

Mozilla calls full cookie protection a "big step forward" in limiting the number of cookies that websites drop into new individual "cookie jars".

The cookie jar analogy

Cookie jar analogy

Mozilla describes the new blocker using a "cookie jar" analogy, in which every third-party provider that stores a cookie in your browser limits the data collected to its own cookie jar.

This will prevent tracking companies from tracking your online actions from site to site.

Total Cookie Protection is Mozilla's latest move in the fight to protect people's privacy while using the web.

What is Strict Extended Tracking Protection?

The default Advanced Tracking Protection is the default for Firefox users and blocks the following trackers:

  • Cross-site cookies
  • Social media tracker
  • Cryptominers
  • Track content in private windows
  • Fingerprints

When users enable strict mode, content trackers are blocked in all windows in addition to all options available in standard mode.


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A warning from Mozilla

"Strict speeds up page loading, but it can break some buttons, forms, and login boxes."

The cookie blocker may make a website appear faulty by blocking trackers hidden in the website's content, e.g. B. Registration fields, payments, forms, videos and comments.

If you think Firefox ETP Strict Mode has corrupted a website you have visited, here is some advice on how to fix that problem.

How to activate the ETP strict mode

Proceed as follows to activate the strict ETP mode and thus full cookie protection:

In a Firefox browser, navigate to a web page, then click the sign to the left of the address bar:

Firefox icon


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The Privacy and Security window in Firefox Preferences opens as soon as you click Protection Settings:

Improved tracking

Select the option "strict" under "Extended Tracking Protection":

Improved tracking protection

Finally, click the "Reload All Tabs" button to activate full cookie protection.

More functions in Firefox 86.0

In addition to full cookie protection, the latest version gives users the following:


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  • Multiple videos in picture-in-picture.
  • Credit card management and autofill for users in Canada.
  • Improved performance and stability by moving canvas drawings and WebGL drawings into the GPU process.

Firefox also fixed:

  • Reading mode with local HTML pages.
  • Orca screen reader mouse verification function while tab switching.
  • Color contrast in Read View links

And more.

Mozilla continues the fight to protect user data

In the release notes, the brand stated:

“At Mozilla, we believe you have a right to privacy. They shouldn't be tracked online. Whether you're checking your bank balance, looking for the best doctor, or buying shoes, unscrupulous tracking companies shouldn't be able to track you while you browse the internet. This is why we are continuously working to protect Firefox against online tracking of our users. "


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While it can be frustrating for marketers not to have access to all user data, ownership of that data rests with the internet user.

The good news for marketers is that Firefox browser market share is not yet high enough to make a significant difference. However, if other browsers choose to follow suit, marketers can lose access to data they previously relied on.


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