Turn your brand's niche content into marketable TikTok videos

Turn your brand's niche content into marketable TikTok videos

Curtis Ray, President and CEO of SunCor Financial

If you want to create successful, marketable content that will appeal to the younger generation, it is time to ditch traditional marketing methods, put yourself in their shoes, and jump into the latest trend, TikTok, the current Gen Z- Hotspot start educating.

When it comes to Gen Z-dominated social media platforms, TikTok is number 1. But what makes this platform so unique, especially for Gen Z? TikTok is a mobile app that allows users to create and share short videos on any topic. With clips ranging from 15 seconds to a minute, the app's fast format has made it easy to create and play videos, ensuring that it doesn't take much time or effort.

At SunCor Financial we have adapted a new marketing strategy that includes TikTok and targets a newer generation on a trending platform. We managed to gain almost 41,000 followers and generate over 215,000 likes on TikTok for seven months. If your business is in a niche market, or if your topic inherently does not attract the younger generations' attention, TikTok may be the answer to make your content more digitally engaging.

What to Know When You Start

The key to getting Gen Z's attention through TikTok is simple: short, digestible content for the fast paced society. For example, most people find money concepts too complicated. We turn them into fast, compelling videos that the younger generation can listen to, understand, and embrace. Most people, not just Gen-Zers, want to see content that adds value to them and meets their needs. Instead of trying to sell them right away for your product or content, you will be more successful at educating them by telling stories and sharing real-world scenarios.

Create educational yet entertaining content

As a marketer, ask yourself: How do our products and services benefit from a younger audience? How can we make our offer available to you? First, let TikTok users know about the rules of the game. In our case, it is a long-term financial security. They all want to play the game and win – but no one has ever told them how the game is played. Try to use your common sense – less fluff and more common sense. Now, when they hear what you say, it makes sense to them and they would like more information.

While brands always have TikTok dances or the latest memes as competition for views, there are ways that niche companies can get users' attention. Here are some tried and tested tactics:

  • Encourage your followers to ask questions and answer them in a video
  • Use eye-catching graphics or animations, and add infographics if possible
  • Post content consistently: This can be done up to once a day or at least a few times a week
  • Be Personal and Open: TikTok users don't want to know that you are reading from a script. be yourself
  • Use relevant and trending hashtags in your subtitles

Do not be discouraged

While posting videos can be a chore and not getting the traction you're hoping for, it's important to keep trying. TikTok is non-stop; It takes time and energy to perfect your content. As your business gets social it is important to remember that it takes a lot of discipline and trial and error. There will be posts that no one will like or comment on, but they will see them. Still post.

As a parent, TikTok financial security marketing meets a two-birds-one-stone tactic. Many parents want to teach their children money and prepare them for a great future, but not many are sure where or how to start. Brands like SunCor Financial use less than traditional marketing methods to teach children, tweens, and teenagers the best real life practices.

Without a doubt, this generation is complicated and difficult to attract with traditional marketing. With a clear, relevant and clearly defined strategy on a trend platform, entrepreneurs can get their attention. At this point, with the right tools and platforms, professionals in niche markets can successfully begin marketing to the younger generation.


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