Hello Instagram has pinned comments, goodbye trolls.

Instagram's pinned comments feature aims to combat negative or offensive interactions on the platform, helping you moderate posts and combat misinformation or bullying.

You can also use it to answer frequently asked questions and highlight testimonials!

Here are 4 strategic ways you can use Instagram comments for your business:

Instagram pinned comments


  1. What is the function for pinned Instagram comments?
  2. 4 ways to use Instagram's pinned comments for your business
  3. How to use Instagram's pinned comments

What is the function for pinned Instagram comments?

Instagram has released a few functions this year to combat negative comments and bullying on its platform, including the ability to delete comments in bulk, restrict accounts that are repeat offenders, and decide who can mention or tag you.

Instagram pinned comments

Instagram over. TechCrunch

Comments pinned by Instagram are another comment moderation tool. Not to be confused PinterestUsers can select up to three comments and attach them to the beginning of their comment thread.

Instagram pinned comments

Instagram over. TechCrunch

You can't pin your own comment, but you can be strategic in the comments you choose – spend less time and attention on the trolls and spam comments, and focus on testimonials and conversation starters.

Comments are important on Instagram – they give you insight into your community, enable you to build relationships and answer questions. And Instagram comments can help you moderate them.

You just want to Manage comments on Instagram? With a later business plan you get access to our conversation function and never miss a comment again.

4 ways to use Instagram's pinned comments for your business

Are you ready to pin comments on Instagram?

The function can be used by brands, developers, influencers and social media managers to highlight positive comments, combat misinformation, answer frequently asked questions and much more.

Here are 4 ways you can use Instagram's pinned comments for your business:

Pinned comments Tip # 1: Put testimonials on product contributions in the spotlight

Regarding a survey, 91% of consumers Positive reviews say they are more likely to buy from a company. While this survey was mostly about website reviews, it's important to include testimonials in your social media strategy as well.

When you post positive comments on product contributions, you can highlight testimonials in real time. This enables your community to hear from supporters who use and love your products.

Pinned comments from Instagram - examples of testimonials

Pinning these testimonials to the beginning of a thread can also help fight spam or trolls as they move further down in the comments.

A potential customer may be more likely to click to your store if they see a recommendation from someone who’s already bought from you. This helps build trust and credibility in your product.

Bring away? Sometimes it's best if your community speaks for you. They love your brand for a reason and if they like to share, give them the spotlight!

TIP: Monitor the engagement of your pinned comments – this is a great way Collect feedbackUnderstand your audience and inform your content strategy.

Fixed comments Tip 2: take responsibility

A study conducted in 2019 found this 74% of consumers I think brands should take a stand on important issues. Social movements on Instagram have increased again this year – especially Black Lives Matter.

Brands, content creators and influencers from various industries – like Later, Kotn and CurlMix – published declarations that support the movement and call for changes.

Pinned Instagram Comments - BLM Examples

After the first posts, brands were flooded with comments from viewers asking what other actionable steps they were taking. Did you donate for a social cause? How many black employees did you have in management positions?

Reply to a comment and pin it to the beginning of a thread, such as Latershows that you are not afraid of being held accountable and are willing to acknowledge previous oversights.

Pinned Instagram Comments - Example of Accountability

Instead of deleting or avoiding difficult questions, you should contact your community and strengthen their trust in your company.

Imagine comments on Instagram as an opportunity to illustrate transparency, humanize your brand, and share relevant information.

Pinned comments Tip 3: Answer frequently asked questions

Launch a new product? Announcement posts come with questions from your audience – and it's usually the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, and why).

If you answer and pin a expected frequently asked question, you can prevent misinformation from spreading.

For example, a brand that launches a new SPF moisturizer could post comments asking about its ingredients, where it is available, or whether it has sustainable packaging.

Pinned Instagram comments - FAQ example

When you pin these comments, they become more visible and you cannot answer the same question multiple times.

The result? A community that is fully informed, less repetitive questions, and valuable insight into the answers your community is looking for.

TIP: Use frequently asked questions (FAQs) to create future subtitles for your new product. If ingredients are important to your audience, make sure to focus on them in a second post.

Fixed comments Tip 4: Encourage conversation

Instagram is a great place to have conversations and expand your community.

Pinning thought-provoking comments on your posts can lead to conversations between viewers and increase engagement.

A meme account or blogger – like Janea Brown – could pin funny comments that encourage others to share their own jokes or puns.

Pinned comments from Instagram - example of a conversation

Likewise, a creator who talks about mental illness or body positivity can post personal comments that are helpful for others to read and know that they are not alone.

Pinning comments reminds your audience that they are not only concerned with you, but also with each other. This allows them to connect with others in your community, creating a more entertaining, open, or educational online space.

TIP: When creating your subtitles, try to insert prompts that encourage your audience to leave a comment. You can insert a gap, ask a question or a quote that stimulates discussion.

How to use Instagram's pinned comments

Here's a quick, step-by-step guide to pinning comments on Instagram:

Instagram pinned comments - example


To pin a comment, first swipe left on iOS (or tap Android). Report, delete, or reply options appear with a new PIN icon.

Then tap on the PIN symbol. The comment is pinned.

A few things to consider:

  • You can't pin your own comment to a thread – remember to be strategic about the comments you pin!
  • You can pin up to three comments – choose carefully (or just remove another comment and pin it again)
  • When you pin a person’s comment, they’ll be notified, much like a day or mention

So are you going to start pinning comments on Instagram?

Not only is it a useful moderation tool, it is also an easy way to fight misinformation, highlight the advocates who love your business, answer frequently asked questions, and humanize your brand by being responsible for any missteps.

Try it out and let us know how it works – we always like to talk about ours Instagram account!

Do not forget! With Later you can plan, plan and publish automatically on Instagram. That means you spend less time posting and more time with your audience!

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