Did you know offline events are a gold mine when it comes to promoting your blog? Many of us digital entrepreneurs have no idea what impact these events are having on online business.

In this post, I want to explore four ways you can leverage these offline niche events to give your online business a massive boost. When I say a massive boost, I mean what I say.

We came across virtual summits, webinars, and other forms of e-meetings. You have the power to help marketers promote their business. As a blogger, you can take advantage of these online events. But how do we make it big with offline events as bloggers?

Create a professional blog

One of the mistakes beginners and newbies make is creating articles and sharing the links without paying proper attention to their blogs.

It is important that you make sure that your blog is attractive in terms of design before taking your first step in applying. The good news is that we don't have to go through the difficult tasks to own a well-designed blog.

There are many free blog sites out there today. In fact, these introduced the high cost and made it pretty easy to own a blog.

However, there is still a need to invest premium and invest a little to get a domain name and web hosting space. You may want to start out with WordPress hosting for free and then upgrade. The self-hosted version of WordPress is most common when you can purchase hosting from dedicated hosting services.

Fortunately, most premium web hosting services have smart assistants built into them that will guide you through installing and setting up WordPress blog pages quickly and easily. Follow these steps to start a blog in the next 10 minutes.

4 ideas to promote your blog with offline events

If you have your new or old blog and are comfortable with it, how do you promote it with offline events?

# 1. Organize the events

Have you ever thought of hosting a blogging event? In my early days as a blogger, I thought this was a big job, and that thinking held me back for a long time. Every time I thought about it and couldn't come up with an advertising strategy, I wanted to kick myself.

Organizing offline blogging events positions you as experts and provides platforms where you can connect with many more bloggers in different niches. But you don't have to have done it before. There is always a first time and you don't have to be afraid.

The first offline event I did for bloggers was a simple meetup where I shared how I make money blogging. This was a casual event that brought together 15 bloggers in my city. We had great moments to chat, share experiences, visit each other's blogs, etc. After that first event, I got 11 loyal subscribers who kept reading, sharing, and linking to my content from their blogs

Here's how to get started.

Don't wait until you can organize the biggest blogging event of the year. Start a casual sit-down with a few blogging friends. Make it informal, casual, and low key. Once you have completed some of these meetings, you can gradually scale up and establish yourself as an event leader.

# 2. Be a spokesman

This is actually the hardest part on this list, especially for beginners. The reason for this is that you always have to wait to be invited. And as you know, you won't be invited to speak until you've proven yourself. However, you can position yourself to be invited:

  • Position yourself as a leader
  • Connect with other organizers
  • Post pictures of yourself speaking at other events

Every event you speak at, you are always put in front of an audience and people always want to know more about you.

A few months ago I was invited to speak about SEO for WordPress at an event in Buea, Cameroon. With over 200 bloggers and digital entrepreneurs and live coverage on social media, there has been a crazy surge in traffic, list submissions, etc.

# 3. Be a companion

Don't wait to be invited. Take the step to be there as a participant. Sit down, listen, connect with others, share your experiences, make friends, and exchange contacts.

This is always an incredible opportunity to build very close relationships with other participants and take your blogging career to the next level. Go to speakers that impressed you or presented something to connect to. Don't be the shy type.

After each event, you should write about it, share your experience, and link to one or more bloggers with whom you were connected during the event. Keep in touch with your new friends and strengthen relationships.

# 4. Become a sponsor

At offline events, sponsors are always in the foreground. They get the best visibility for the role they play in making the event come alive. There are always different sponsorship packages with different benefits.

You should always choose a package based on what you can afford and what you get from your investment.

By sponsoring an event, you are often known online and offline. If the event is advertised online, you will have the option to receive a backlink from the event page. Other events are massively shared on social media with an emphasis on their sponsors. Great way to attract more blog readers and list signups if you ask me.


In today's world of blogging and content marketing, everyone is striving to get attention. When you switch to offline meetings, you are way ahead of your competitors. If you've never tried any of these options before, think about it and make up your mind to jump in.

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