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This week's question comes from Latoya:

"I'm starting to work from home soon and wanted to make sure I had the right workstation and Internet service set up. Any recommendations?"

Set up a home work station

Good question! First and foremost, check with your new employer to see if he has any special requirements.

Some want you to have your own work area with a door, others don't mind working from the kitchen table as long as you can concentrate. Some give minimum internet upload and download speeds, others just ask for high-speed internet.

A site like Ookla's Speedtest is helpful for checking your upload and download speeds based on your own knowledge. Check out a few different times during the day as the speed may vary depending on the number of users online at home and in your neighborhood.

Experienced remote workers also say that the following elements are important for a comfortable and functional home office:

  1. A newer laptop or desktop computer with a good processing speed
  2. A full keyboard and mouse – WiFi is often preferred – for greater convenience
  3. A laptop stand or second monitor to bring your view to a healthy height and aid your posture (if you're using a laptop)
  4. A comfortable home office chair

You may want to inquire about the financial assistance the company offers to set up your home office. Some offer a "technology grant" or a "home office grant" to help cover the cost of new equipment and tools.

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