The actual process of getting people to read your blog posts is super simple but sometimes, uncomfortable. Deliberately thinking through the blogging process feels exhausting sometimes. Other times, thinking through the process feels scary. Who wants to nudge into uncomfortable thinking? Few folks. But putting in the mental legwork makes all the difference in the world. Your job; follow the below tips diligently, get clear and influence people to read your blog.

People follow generous bloggers who listen to their problems, publish solutions-based content solving those exact problems and keep at it, staying on one topic post after post, to develop expertise in one niche.

1: Listen to Reader Problems

Listen to reader problems. Pay close attention to what folks struggle with to get blog post ideas. Be in tune with readers. Ask how you can help your readers. Follow respected blogs in your niche. Scan reader comments. Pinpoint struggles. Pay close attention to genuine reader pain points to seize the most pressing issues of the day. Observing problems lets you build lists of attractive blog post titles designed to solve reader problems, which is the starting point to get people to read your blog posts.

2: Publish Content Solving their Problems

Publish content that solves the problems readers bring to you. Research blogs in your niche for due diligence; reference the blogs and fellow bloggers to give credit where credit is due. Or if you have years of blogging experience, simply write and publish blog posts off of the top of your head. I can pull it off, although I have 15,000 hours of blogging experience 😉

Be generous. Publish problem-solving posts frequently. Aim for 600-1000 words per blog post. Solve problems to goad people suffering from these problems to visit your blog.

3: Stay on One Topic

Develop your expertise. Build your blogging authority to influence readers to visit your blog. People desire to follow pros who know their stuff. Staying on a single topic makes people perceive you as a specialist in your blogging niche. Meanwhile, bloggers who change topics with the wind often confuse readers. How can you be an expert in 1 niche if you cover 10 niches? Who has the type of time and energy to master 10 niches in 24 hours daily? Why visit their blog, if they are a jack of all trades but master of none?

Specialists get people to visit their blogs because we trust specialists and follow their advice. Generalists? We do not trust these folks much at all and sure do not follow their advice for any sustained period of time.

4: Persist

This is the most important tip to follow for driving blog traffic. Unfortunately, this is the one tip few bloggers follow. Bloggers follow the prior 3 tips but this one weeds out all but the most resolute, freedom-seeking bloggers. See the journey through, guys. No blogger gets folks to visit their blog over night. Listening for problems, observing these issues and publishing problem-solving content are all skills you develop over many 1000’s of hours. Persistent bloggers put in the work, put in the time, and develop these skills to drive blog traffic.

All other bloggers fail, quit and give up on their blogging dream because lacking persistence guarantees they develop no skills, exposure and credibility. See the journey through. Drive traffic by following the basics patiently and persistently.


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