My neck and shoulders are killing me today.

It hurts. Stiff as possible. So I get creative. I take a break early and do yoga often. If I do yoga all day every now and then, my posture improves, I extend my neck and shoulder area and also increase my relief. I feel good now. If I feel good now I can continue blogging, although my neck stiffness tries to prevent me from blogging. Be creative. Do what you have to do, but use creativity to work your way around, and through blogging obstacles.

I would dictate posts to protect my shoulders and neck from type-related stress. I love being so creative because I only use my voice to do the blogging job. But no dice on this. My wife and I live in a place for a longer stay because we are traveling and traveling again. I could never get bored with my loud blogging tips for hours.

My job now requires a different level of creativity. This is how blogging works. Sometimes you need to find a new type of motif to get the job done under the current circumstances. Dictation saved my butt – or neck and shoulders – during a blogging stretch with a stiff neck and shoulders. But we moved on from the larger, more spacious house. I could dictate without limits in a larger house. Close the door to the home office. Speak away. Now I have to find a new strategy for my pain, neck and shoulder style. Roger that. Yoga.

Blogging is easier for flexible, creative bloggers. Blogging is becoming more difficult for rigid bloggers who refuse to be creative. Open. How can you be more creative to overcome obstacles, resolve resistance and patiently take difficult times of blogging apart? Get creative.

How can you work around an obstacle? What can you do to avoid a rough blogging spot? If you are creative, you can be more successful by avoiding obstacles and maintaining the sweet traffic and sweet profits. You also stop apologizing. Definitely a good blogging look for anyone looking to become a professional blogger.

I could make this excuse: my neck and shoulders feel too stiff to do anything. I apologize, go to bed and take Saturday off from blogging. Cool. But if I'm creative with my yoga routine, I can take care of the excuse entirely. Doesn't that make the most sense? Instead of being handcuffed by an excuse, get creative to get around the excuse and find a blogging solution. I found this solution. Now I'm blogging. I can help you and I help myself. I love taking apart blogging excuses by being creative.

I am a busy bee today. Celebrate for a friend tonight, and we'll also visit the kittens and let a small pet sit after we get past the house to clear everything out before the end. 3 things to do in a short amount of time. We also have a decent way to go home. So do I apologize for not having enough time to blog? Of course not.

I used my creativity, made a few short, sweet videos and now I've published blog content in a 2-4 minute window instead of sitting there powerlessly, being handcuffed by excuses and today due to my lack of blogging -Time to be held hostage.

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