"Without imaginary leaps or dreams, we lose the excitement of the possibilities." ~ Gloria Steinem

Create lists, use a digital planner, mind maps, a whiteboard, spreadsheets, are you a scribbler or Get to know planners and magazines and have a creative feel for planning – or do you want that?


What is your goal planning style ?!

My goal planning strategy didn't work for me …

So it's time for a change!

I've had a successful, profitable business for over 23 years, so what I do obviously works – at least to a certain extent. 😉

However, what I find is that no matter how productive or profitable my day is, I cannot achieve the BIG goals. Or I haven't made room in my schedule or routine for the things I really want to accomplish in my life and business.

Are you involved in the "daily newspapers" that only tick off tasks?

Mostly I am. 🙋‍♀️

I've been using Evernote for several years, mostly because it syncs EVERYTHING (all my projects, my shopping list, as you call it) on ALL my mobile devices and laptops.

It has many great features, including checklists, target templates and nested notebooks, so that all your projects are clear and easily accessible.

But lately I've been yearning for a more hands-on experience in goal setting and goal planning with more visual inspiration.

I keep Evernote (because it works!), But add practical paper journals and goal planners with lots of color and creativity. ‍🎨 – which proves that the fun is again due to the goal setting and project planning!

The following is currently distributed on my planning desk:

First my two FAVORITE goal setting planners …

By the way, I always choose UNDATED planners and magazines. What about you? Do you prefer a dated day planner style or something you can resume at any time without losing dating sites?

Dated or undated, available in different colors and cover styles: Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner – A 12-month journey to increase productivity, passion, purpose and happiness – Happy weekly goal planner, organizer & gratitude journal + planner sticker (LOVE this one!)

Favorit TOP favorite: "Life Coach In A Book" undated 90-day motivation and success planner for ERNSTE quick target planning! ✅

Over 200 unique stickers, hand-drawn and FUN for inspiration and positivity to liven up my journaling and planning – with a lot of COLOR and pick-me-up!

Erasable gel pens in many colors – because I was nervous about messing up my diary with ink, and erasable pens gave me the FREEDOM to PLAY more in my target planner!

Entertaining templates to liven things up in my planners or diary pages – and also for other creative projects (flower pots, picture frames, etc.). Love this one!

Because I wanted to be 🎨 COLORFUL about it !!

I recently ordered this blog planner and book set, but haven't had a chance to look at it yet: CREATE blog and editorial planner: Create exceptional content, accomplish your blogging goals and beat them 💥

+ Intense Biz Playbook & Planner: Scale your online business, create explosive growth and build a brand you crave ❤

ALL stickers! 🤩

Planner Stickers – Wake Up Kick Ass (Set of 150 Stickers)

Classic Sticker Book Edition 4 (492 stickers). Decorative and cute stickers to customize planners, notebooks and more

Essentials Weekly Planner Stickers (set of 575 stickers)

Creative planner stickers (1k + value package) – New functional and decorative designer stickers for bullets, planners and calendars for happy planning

This is a short tour of all the FUN & creative goal setting and project planning tools that I have in front of me, and I can't wait to get involved and become colorful and visual!

My goal: to create something between a vision board and a planner – like a "vision book" – that helps me to visualize my projects, my plans and my GOALS in a way that the FIRE of motivation and excitement in me .. all kindled again! 🔥

What works for you and what doesn't?

I would love to hear or SEE what you are using!

How do you set your most ambitious goals and long-term plans and how do you manage your current projects and immediate goals?

Write a comment and let each other inspire you with some fun strategies, strategies and ideas for goal planning!



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