Google Ads Twitter went from 6 conversion categories to 19 conversion categories. If you know math, that's more than three times. Google said, "As of today, you can group your conversion actions into 19 different categories such as" Add to cart "," Submit lead form "," Book an appointment "and more."

Google Ads Conversion Tracking starts creating a conversion action in your Google Ads account. A conversion action is a specific customer activity that is useful for your business. Before you begin, you can set up a new conversion category by following the instructions in Setting up conversion tracking for your website.

Many more options for conversion types have been added to these categories. Google said, "These additional categories will make it easier for you to understand conversion funnel metrics based on your marketing goals."

Note Google Ads recommends new categories for all existing conversion actions on the Conversions page. You can review and change these suggestions to make sure your performance reports are accurate. From October 15th, these suggestions will be applied automatically if you haven't already accepted them. So you should really check out these categories soon.

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