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This week, Google Ads updated its Gmail ads documentation to indicate that Gmail campaigns are "read-only". After July 1, 2021, advertisers won't be able to create new Gmail campaigns or edit existing ones.

Google Ads recommends that advertisers set up Discovery campaigns to keep showing ads in Gmail inboxes.

Facebook is offering advertising credits to advertisers who were affected by a reporting bug related to their free Conversion Lift tool.

The bug that misjudged the number of sales derived from ad impressions started in August 2019 and wasn't fixed until September 2020.

Facebook offers credits to compensate advertisers who were “sensibly” affected and who make judgments on a case-by-case basis.

According to reports, some advertisers are being offered millions in advertising spend.

In a new blog post, Amazon said that 2020 through Cyber ​​Monday will be the biggest holiday shopping season in its history. However, this isn't all bad news for small businesses.


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Amazon also said that small and medium-sized independent businesses selling on Amazon are seeing record-breaking demand this holiday season.

In our take-of-the-week segment, Shaun Elley shares a few "insignificant" reports from his Google Ads account.

Those 5 transactions for $ 5,400 must really be insignificant. SMH #googleads #ppcchat pic.twitter.com/WtUPuTjdEX

– Shaun Elley (@ selley2134) December 2, 2020

Then, ICYMI, Google Ads got caught trying to drive advertiser automation forward, this time by Navah Hopkins!

It's fine @GoogleAds – I think I'll take my risk with manual bidding 😏

This warning is predatory and I'm not a fan. Anyway, we still have to look for manual bids in the campaign settings. # Ppcchat #ppc #automation #google #googleads pic.twitter.com/BdViUzId4r

– Navah Hopkins (@navahf) December 2, 2020


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We answer your burning questions about digital marketing in our quick lap segment.

  • Who should you contact if you have problems with Facebook ads (spoilers: not the product type)?
  • What are Google's recommendations for anchor text length?
  • When you might see longer videos on TikTok.
  • Where can you see conversion lift estimates due to the expansion of the Google Ads audience?
  • Why your customers may soon be using Google Maps to get in touch with you.
  • How to save time cropping images for Google Ads Discovery campaigns.

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