Google released its annual Ads Safety Report, announcing that it blocked or removed more than 3.1 billion ads for violating its Google Ads policies, restricted more than 6.4 billion ads, and more than 1.7 million Suspended advertising accounts and removed more than 1.3 billion ads, Google also said it added or updated over 40 guidelines for advertisers and publishers.

From just one perspective, a decade earlier, Google removed 130 million incorrect ads in 2011, compared to 3.1 billion incorrect ads in 2020.

On the COVID page, Google stated that over 99 million Covid-related ads could not be served on its platforms. Including those who deal with cutting prices and promoting products like N-95 masks, counterfeit medicines, and even fake vaccine treatments. And on the polls front, Google in the US said in its "Sensitive Events Policy" that Google temporarily paused more than 5 million election ads and blocked ads for more than 3 billion searches immediately after the election.

Here's a breakdown of the policies that Google used to block or remove those 3.1 billion ads:

Of the 6.4 billion ads that Google Ads restricts, the following fail:

And of the publishers who removed ads from their 1.3 billion web pages, it looked like this:

So yes, Google is pretty active when it comes to removing ads – but is it enough?

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