In this week's episode of Marketing O'Clock, 2020 went too far.

The presenters Jess Budde, Greg Finn and Christine "Shep" Zirnheld scold, rave and roll their eyes over the latest updates from Google Ads.

But not all news is bad. The Microsoft Audience Network was launched just in time to lift our spirits.

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Google Ads removes search query data

Google Ads announced that it will limit the amount of search query data available to advertisers from September 1, 2020.


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Only searches that generate a "significant" number of clicks will show up in future search query reports, although the number that Google considers "significant" remains unclear.

Many advertisers are dissatisfied with the new policy and believe that they should have query information for all of the clicks they pay for so they have transparency about when their ads appear in search results.

Will Google Text Ads be phased out?

Many advertisers this week signed into their Google Ads accounts and found that they were unable to create new text ads. Responsive search ads are the only available search ad option for rebuild.

While many advertisers speculate that this is a precursor to permanent change, Google has yet to confirm whether it is.


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Google Ads passes the UK DST fee to advertisers

GOOD #PPCChat #fees

"Starting November 1, 2020, a 2% UK DST fee will be added to your next UK bill or bill for ads serving in the UK. The fee will be based on the new digital services tax in that country." @ GoogleAds

– Rachel (@PPCRachel) September 1, 2020

Google also announced this week that the 2% daylight saving time fee will be paid by advertisers who receive ad clicks from users in the UK.

Similar fees are charged for clicks from users in Austria and Turkey, and the fees are added directly to advertisers' bills.

Microsoft Advertising Updates interface, Microsoft Audience Network launches

Microsoft Advertising has finally unveiled the long-awaited user interface redesign that is familiar to advertisers using Google Ads.

In addition to convenient new keyboard shortcuts and asset reports for responsive search ads, Microsoft has also introduced the Microsoft Audience Network for image-based ads.

The Audience Network Planner tool allows advertisers to explore reach with different goals, budgets and bids before setting up a campaign.

Even better, accounts with existing Google Display Network Campaigns can import campaigns that run on the Microsoft Audience Network.

Google Image Search identifies images that are licensable.

A new "licensable" badge in Google Image Search results clearly indicates if images are available for websites that are legal to use.

The badge is supported by structured data, and webmasters can add the licensable markup to images in the search console.

Insights for LinkedIn Page Manager

LinkedIn now shows page managers insights into their followers, including demographics, how they found the page and when they followed it.


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Follower lists can also be sorted by current company, industry and location.

This week's recording is from James Webster who actually found a useful recommendation from Google Ads (although the magic of Photoshop may have helped a bit).

Hey @GoogleAds I just found a useful recommendation. # Ppcchat

– James Webster (@PPC_Webster) September 1, 2020

Then ICYMI, David Hermann, advises that this may not be the best time to run in-stream video ads.

Tip: Turn off your in-stream video ads in FB as soon as election season starts.

At this point, too, be tired of the video feed ads.

Are you wondering if you are fine standing between terrible news?

If not, disable these placements.

– David Herrmann (@herrmanndigital) September 1, 2020


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We answer your burning questions about digital marketing in our quick lap segment.

  • Who has updated their election advertisement guidelines?
  • What's the latest update with the snippet test for scrolling to text?
  • When does Google Ads automatically update your campaign conversion goal?
  • Where can you find new political advertising signs and what does that have to do with digital marketing?
  • Why you might not have to worry if your Facebook ads were disapproved last week for violating guidelines
  • How can you update Google Optimize experiences after they've already started?

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Selected image source: Cypress North


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