In this special Marketing O’Talk podcast, presenter Christine "Shep" Zirnheld is joined by PPC experts to break down the Google Ads updates and rumors the PPC community is talking about this week.

  • Julie Bacchini: President of Neptune Moon, named PPC Hero's 25 Most Influential PPC Experts, and organizer of Twitter's weekly PPC chat
  • Andrea Cruz: Digital Marketing Manager at KoMarketing and added to PPC Hero's list of 50 Most Influential PPC Experts
  • Mark Saltarelli: Digital Marketing Manager at Cypress North and Cohost of Marketing O'Clock

If you can't see the episode on Spotify, be sure to check out the video version on the Search Engine Journal's YouTube channel.

At the beginning of the round table, we talked about the most controversial Google Ads news of the week.


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Google has advised advertisers that they will limit the search query data that advertisers can use for their campaigns.

Hey @GoogleAds, what's it about? So we may be paying for search terms that are irrelevant but not familiar with the keywords we need to add as negatives. What is the logic behind this? Many thanks. #ppcchat @gregfinn

– Rachel (@PPCRachel) September 2, 2020

Why is this such a hot topic in the PPC community?

As Julie Bacchini puts it:

“I think less data, especially for paying advertisers, is never really a great thing. I have concerns, especially for smaller advertisers with smaller budgets and lower search volumes, where you may have a decent number of terms that could hit that kind of ill-defined threshold. What is important? Nobody knows. It can be very problematic for advertisers of all sizes if you don't see these terms and give negative ratings to the ones you don't want. "


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Will text ads expire?

In this week's news, some advertisers signed in to their Google Ads accounts and found they could only create responsive search ads and not manual text ads (formerly expanded text ads).

Google has not confirmed whether this test could result in a permanent change.

First topic …

Question 1: There was news that Google Ads Responsive Search Ads (RSA) is going to be the default ad type this week – Thoughts? #Pcchat

– Julie F. Bacchini (@NeptuneMoon) September 1, 2020

Do you see reporting & optimization as a problem for responsive search ads? How can advertisers be influenced when text ads expire?

Here is Andrea Cruz's opinion on it:

"They (Google Ads) don't give you a lot of information (on Responsive Search ads). They (Google Ads) are going to say we give you these ratings and we tell you your ad is average. They tell me that we're with the characters we have can say so much. So give me my data and let me tweak from there. The entire ad may just underperform because of a headline. Let me put in a little effort to improve can. "

Google ads for billing advertisers for UK DST fees

In our last topic, Google announced that the 2% daylight saving time fee will be paid by advertisers.

When a user clicks an ad from a location affected by these DST fees, the 2% fee is added to the advertiser's bill.

GOOD #PPCChat #fees

"Starting November 1, 2020, a 2% UK DST fee will be added to your next UK bill or bill for ads serving in the UK. The fee will be based on the new digital services tax in that country." @ GoogleAds

– Rachel (@PPCRachel) September 1, 2020

Are you surprised that Google Ads is passing this tax on to advertisers?

Mark Saltarelli has this to say:

"The way this is passed on to advertising and there is no piece of legislation to make sure it comes directly from Google just reminds me of how little governments actually understand how online advertising works … the fact that there is no language that prevents it from being passed on to small businesses that reek of not thinking it through. At least the way Google passes it on is straightforward. If they don't do it right away, they can simply add up the cost of a click. Either way, the advertisers will pay for it. "


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Selected image source: Cypress North


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