It looks like you all need some relaxation, so I took you to the beach this week – not that I ever go to beaches, but hey, it's a green screen. The search news appears to have an update to the Google search ranking yesterday and today, July 23rd and 24th – it's not yet confirmed. I've covered the expected news that Google has postponed its mobile device indexing period from September 2020 to March 2021. Google reactivated the Twitter carousel in search results after it was removed last week. Google had a big bug with navigation and site queries. Apple has released its search ranking factors and an updated Applebot help document. Bing has created a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly integrate your WordPress site into the URL submission API. WordPress finally added version 5.5 of XML Sitemaps at its core after a year of work. The Google Search Console performance reports have a new message filter. The Google Search Console coverage report contained this strange indexing issue. GoogleBot will continue to share with its user agents regardless of what Chrome does. Google has launched a new mortgage search feature. Google tests the search refinement functions when scrolling. Google is showing many images for some queries for some reason. Google's local algorithm overweighs company names. Google said he was working on this problem. Google My Business appears to have started a subscription model for updating your profile. Google My Business sends duplicate entry notifications. Google can display two phone numbers in your local area. Google Ads Editor launched version 1.4 with recommendations and much more. Google Shopping shows materials in the web search box. Buying from Google is now commission-free and can even be integrated into PayPal and Shopify. With Microsoft Advertising, you can use ShutterStock images in your ads for free. Google Ads prohibits dangerous and derogatory COVID-19 ads. Oh, and if you want to help sponsor these vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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