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The new Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4, formerly the App + Web property, is now the default setting when adding a new property in Google Analytics.


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Google recommends setting up new Google Analytics 4 properties for all existing properties as new improvements will only be available for Google Analytics 4 in the future.

Google Analytics 4 has improved the integration with Google Ads, can pull YouTube conversions into the Analytics interface and focuses on customer-centric measurements.

Google plans to add models in the future to adapt to tracking without third-party cookies.

Google Ads improves reporting and attribution of conversions

Advertisers who are eligible for the new open beta can view YouTube clicks and video engagements in their top paths, path metrics, and supported conversions reports for YouTube and search campaigns.

Google has also announced a new beta version for conversion lift measurement, which complements the existing search and brand lift measurement on YouTube.


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Finally, changes will be made to the data requirements for data-driven mapping to make it more widely available to advertisers.

Advertisers must have completed at least 3,000 ad interactions and at least 300 conversions in the last 30 days to be eligible.

Search Analytics in the Google Podcast Manager

Google has announced new insights for podcasters to understand if / how listeners find their show in Google search.

Data such as impressions, clicks, search terms, the content of which has surfaced and the most frequently discovered episodes can be accessed through the Podcasts Manager.

Our take on the week comes from Amalia Fowler, who doesn't believe Google's machine learning is that smart.

Let me get that straight @GoogleAds wants us to trust them to run automated, intelligent campaigns. But their automated, intelligent machine cannot figure out exactly how to tag content # ppcchat

– Amalia Fowler (you / you) (@amaliaefowler) October 14, 2020

Then ICYMI, Pamela Lund, explains why influencer marketing and paid search are the perfect couple.

When running influencer campaigns, don't forget to set up search campaigns with influencer name + generic product for the people who forget your brand. Like "Jennifer Whatsername Shampoo" as a keyword. Works best when you can use their likeness on an LP #ppcchat

– Pamela Lund (@Pamela_Lund) October 7, 2020

We answer your burning questions about digital marketing in our quick lap segment:

  • Who listens to their podcasts on the Google Podcasts platform?
  • What's the new Google Ads website link extension test?
  • When will Facebook and Instagram stop supporting WordPress embeds?
  • Where can you approve new changes to the Google Ads Apartment, Loan and Job Listing Policies?
  • Why Check Out Your YouTube Ads Lead Forms When Using Custom CTAs?
  • Here's how to book your next haircut with Google Duplex.

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